The soccer competitions in Gran Canaria return on May 14

Hurricane-Juventud Laguna (archive)

Hurricane-Juventud Laguna (archive)
J. Pérez Curbelo

The federated football activity on the island of Gran Canaria will restart on the weekend of May 14, 15 and 16, with the exception of some room categories that will do so from May 7. This decision, contained in circular 44 of this season, is adopted after the Government of the Canary Islands decided to lower the health alert for the COVID pandemic to level 2.

The islands of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura will not be affected by this decision since for several weeks they have been developing their competitive activity normally after the decrease in the alert level.

Another of the novelties included in circular 44 is related to the development of field football competitions, indicating that they "They will continue according to the date of the day corresponding to the first suspension agreed by the Federation in the month of January 2021". In the futsal modality, all competitions will continue according to the day foreseen in the official calendar of the competition in question.

The criterion applied basically obeys “the need to promote that the confrontation can be completed first, all against all, of the teams participating in the competition in question (first round), also facilitating that all teams can be benefited by equal to the allocation of points from the regulatory application in the event of withdrawals, all in anticipation of a new and forced stoppage of competitions that may occur later ”.

Starting this Friday, the Competitions department will begin communicating the dates and times of the matches corresponding to inter-island competitions so that the clubs can carry out the necessary logistical procedures. As of next Monday, such communication will be extended to the rest of the island-wide competitions.


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