November 25, 2020

The soap opera Pantoja and a possible infidelity of Tom, at the premiere of ‘The strong house 2’

Premiere of & # 039; The Strong House 2 & # 039 ;.

Premiere of ‘The strong house 2’.

‘The strong house’ has opened its doors to the 14 contestants of this new edition. Last night, the first gala of the program premiered on Telecinco, which has returned with a little more charm, with the same Tom brusse from ‘The island of temptations 2’ and with something that can never be missing in a reality show on the chain: a soap opera Pantojil.

With all these plots on the table, the contestants introduced themselves, the missing pairs were created and the public voted for those who deserved to start with ‘Residents’.

A new Tom Brusse infidelity?

During the pre-coexistence, the great novelty of this new edition, already sparks flew between Samira and Tom. And the vice versa did not take long to tell that he had had something with the Moroccan. According to her, the contestant told her that he was single and invited her to go up to his house. “I wanted to show you my flat,” he said, taking the matter away, to which she added that they made out in her street.

For her part, Sandra confessed that Samira’s version is not raised since the day the rumor came out “Tom called him in front of me putting the hands free and asked her what was happening and she told him they hadn’t made out“In this way, the one from ‘The island of temptations’ has shown a completely different version of Samira and has left her testimony in doubt.

On the brink of anxiety attack

Isa Pantoja and Asraf Beno they were the last to sit down. Both explained that before getting married they wanted to live a reality show as a couple to test their love since they fight over nonsense. Even the collaborator of ‘The Ana Rosa program’ came to confess that entering ‘The strong house’ is a “relief” with all the soap opera that he is living abroad with his mother and brother.

Although she asked not to know anything about the subject, Jorge Javier Vázquez transmitted the three adjectives that her brother had used in an interview and that she had not read because they were in the pre-coexistence: “Your brother defines your mother as arrogant, as arrogant and assures that she has not been a good mother”.

The little girl from the Pantoja clan has begun to cry in a very suffocated way and on the verge of an anxiety attack: “Really, really, I prefer not to know anythingPlease, really. ”

So are the ‘Residents’ and ‘Camped’

After the first test, in which only the “singles” participated, the 7 couples competing in the reality show were defined. Thus, to the pairs of Isa and Asraf, Mahi and Rafa, Tom and Sandra, and Juan Diego and Sonia Monroy, the couples formed by Cristini and Rebeca, Samira and Pavón, and Albert and Mari Cielo Pajares.

On the other hand, after a vote and the first test of the contest, the spectators decided who would occupy the position of ‘Residents’ and ‘Camped’. In this way, tents They will be inhabited by Cristina along with Rebeca, Mari Cielo with Albert and Juan Diego with Sonia Monroy. While couples who will enjoy the mod cons of the house will be those formed by Isa and Asraf, Tom and Sandra, Samira and Pavón, in addition to those chosen by the public: Mahi and Rafa.


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