February 28, 2021

The so-called ‘star of Bethlehem’ can be seen in Europe for the first time in 800 years

The so-called & # 039; star of Bethlehem & # 039;  can be seen.

The so-called ‘star of Bethlehem’ can be seen.

The December 21 will be the winter solstice and with it will come a unique event in the last 800 years. The so-called ‘star of Bethlehem’, the famous star that would have guided the Magi to the portal, can be seen that day and throughout this week for the first time in 8 centuries.

The reason for such an astronomical event is that Jupiter and Saturn will align so closely that they will look like a single bright star in the night sky, producing that super bright star effect.

Thus, the last time this happened was in the Middle Ages, in the year 1226, when it was still believed in Europe that the Earth was flat and the conquest of America was centuries away. And although at sight it gives the feeling of being a giant and very bright star, the truth is that the conjunction of both planets causes this optical illusion from Earth. In reality, Jupiter and Saturn orbit the Sun separated by a distance similar to that between Earth and Jupiter, without ever touching.

Astronomer Johannes Kepler hypothesized that the so-called ‘Bethlehem’ or Christmas star referred to in the New Testament story of the Magi was a rare triple alignment between Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus.

Beyond myths and stories, the entire Northern Hemisphere will be able to enjoy this show for several days, although the best night to see it will be December 21 looking southwest 45 minutes after sunset.


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