March 9, 2021

The snowfall is the second most copious of the century in Alicante, after 2017

The great snowfall that has left in the last hours the stormy ‘Gloria’ has been the second most copious in the province of Alicante of the 21st century and, except for that of just three years ago (2017), it would have to go back to the decades from 1990 and 1980 for similar episodes.

This was reported to Efe today by the president of the National Association of Spanish Geographers (AGE) and responsible for the Laboratory of Climatology at the University of Alicante (UA), Professor Jorge Olcina.

The expert stressed that the snowfall has spread “in all regions of the interior of Alicante” and much of those in the province of Valencia, “with a very important continuous white blanket.”

“This is one of the prominent snowfall in Alicante” where, in addition to the January 2017 storm, “it would be necessary to go back to the 90s and 80s” for something similar.

In addition to the snow, Olcina has highlighted the intensity of the maritime storm, which has been more intense than that of January 2017 in Alicante.

It has also revealed that the amounts accumulated by ‘Gloria’ when the most intense period ends, starting tomorrow, will point to accumulations of more than 200 liters per square meter in the southern area of ​​Valencia and northern Alicante.

The storm has left 191,000 students without class in the Valencian Community and has caused the cutting of numerous roads, including the A-7, the A-31 and A-33, as well as the closure of the Alicante-Elche airport and several ports, and the death of a homeless person in Gandía (Valencia).


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