The smallest Granca - The Province

The smallest Granca - The Province

Another defeat And there are four in five official games this season. The Herbalife Gran Canaria continues without raising head victim in Malaga (89-76) of a bad first part to which he did not know how to react enough. They improved the yellows in the third and in the last quarter and in spite of fitting a maximum disadvantage of 19 points (69-50, m.28) arrived with options a minute and a half to the end (82-76, m.39). Based on a good defensive attitude in the second half, with Xavi Rabaseda as a referent, and of successes in attack, the Claretian picture remained alive, but it did not give him to deactivate the orange warning of his bad start of the course.

The project of the Herbalife. The construction period starts to get too long and the results do not arrive. The Unicaja of Luis Casimiro -he was reunited with the team with which he won a Super Cup and qualified for the Euroleague- he did a lot of damage with the inspiration outside of Jaime Fernández-with 22 points he continued his superb start to the season- and inside Giorgi Shermadini -17 points-. The Andalusian team prolonged the feeling that the Herbalife, which does have room for improvement on the outside when Marcus Eriksson is in full, does not allow for more in the inside game. When the yellows hooked a good partial Unicaja tried to put the ball inside. And I always found a treasure.

There, in the defensive fragility of its pivots, is where the main gap of the Claretian team lies. Neither Pasecniks, which in attack does produce, nor Ondrej Balvin neither Luke Fischer they stop their rivals. Especially worrisome is the level of the Czech, who only played 10 minutes yesterday. He did not give up when he coincided with Salva Maldonado in the Movistar Students, and the start of this course on the Island is not to be optimistic.

But the continuous battles lost in the painting were not the only ballast in the Martín Carpena. The thirteen losses of the first half triggered a 49-35 at halftime. From there the best defensive tone of the Herbalife and its arreones in the launching -to highlight the 7 points of Kim Tillie- They left him with options until Jaime Fernández decided the game a minute and a half to the end. The Claretians were proud, not enough to win in one of the most complicated courts of the League.

In the statistical section, the best was Xavi Rabaseda with 11 points and 13 valuation. Clevin Hannah finished as top scorer with 12 points. Marcus Eriksson continues to make progress in his set-up after his injury and played six minutes.

Four points in six minutes

The Herbalife came out with freshness with the same quintet from Istanbul. After the initial basket of Shermadini, Rabaseda answered Pasecniks scoring inside and then Hannah hit the first triple of the game (4-7, m.2). Jaime Fernandez began to do his own with four points in a row but the Granca responded with another basket of Rabaseda inside (8-9, m.4). From there the Granca was blinded in attack and in the remaining six minutes of the first quarter he scored only 4 points. It was the beginning of the disaster.

The Claretian group began a carousel of losses that ended up being eight in the first quarter. A drama Three of them, almost consecutive, were from DJ Strawberry. All this, together with the mistake from the line of three made the Unicaja little by little took off. Five points followed by Brian Roberts was the first notch, but Jaime Fernández and Carlos Suárez joined the local party (17-11, 7). Salva Maldonado, who had already changed the whole quintet, sent him to stop, but the brake did not work. The fourth was closed by Pauli's tray to fire him with a dangerous 22-11 (10 m).

At the beginning of the second quarter Mathias Lessort delved into the Granca wound in the painting. Facing a very weak Luke Fischer scored four comfortable points. The physical strength of Chris had appeared on the scene Evans, but in the fifteen minutes he completed he was more burdened by his ankle discomfort than Friday. The presence of the one who was the best yellow player in the beginning of the course (33-19, 13) was hardly noticed.

After the maximum of 14 points of the Unicaja the first sample of race and of success of the Granca arose. With three triples of Eulis Báez, Clevin Hannah Y DJ Strawberry - which mixed disastrous actions with others of merit - the Granca approached (33-28, m.15). After requesting timeout, Luis Casimiro I had it clear. Two balls inside Shermadini cut the partial and the triples of Alberto Díaz and Sasu Salin fired again at Unicaja (45-32, 18).

In these Salva Maldonado He hit the table and after asking for a timeout, the whole quintet changed. The two novelties were the presence of Oriol Paulí as a base -before he had already exercised in defense marking Jaime Fernandez- and the first minutes of Marcus Eriksson with Rabaseda, Eulis Báez and Fischer. But the revolution did not help the Granca approach (49-35, 20).

After the break a script of alternate gusts was maintained. The Unicaja continued to exploit the painting, this time with Lessort, but the Granca reacted with a good partial with DJ Strawberry's triple and Evans (58-48, m.25). Shermadini, Carlos Suárez and Jaime Fernández changed course and gave the maximum advantage to Unicaja (69-50, 28). He ordered to stop Maldonado and with consecutive triple Rabaseda and Tillie and a pat of Balvin the Granca scratched again (69-58, m.30). Rabaseda, the man with the most faith, insisted on the beginning of the last quarter, but the gaps in the painting caused an exchange of baskets, among them a noteworthy Hannah, which were not worth the yellows (76-65, m.34) .

The energy of Báez and Hannah, a 2 + 1 taken by Pasecniks, the best minutes of Kim Tillie's yellow and some free throws scored by Oliver they made the Granca dream (82-76, m.39). But on the edge Jaime Fernandez emerged again, who with 7 points in a row, shelved the game. Tomorrow comes Barcelona to the premiere of the Euroleague at the Arena. There is no respite.


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