The small print of the Government's energy saving plan: air at 27ºC, off shop windows and information posters

The Government announced this Monday night, after the council of ministers, the energy saving plan to reduce consumption by 7% in the coming months, due to possible supply cuts in the context of the war in Ukraine. The Official State Gazette published this morning the specific mandatory measures, with fines of up to 100 million euros, which must be applied. Related News standard Yes Will I have to lower the air conditioning? The Government's limitations on energy consumption Luis García López standard No Fines of up to 100 million euros for companies and businesses that fail to comply with the SE energy saving plan These are the fine print of Royal Decree-Law 14/2022, of August 1 , approved this Monday by the Government. What buildings are affected? The royal decree does not affect all buildings. Only those that are included in IT 3.8 of the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings are affected, that is, those that are intended for the following uses: Administrative Commercial Stores, supermarkets, department stores, shopping centers and the like. Public concurrence Whether they are cultural —theaters, cinemas, auditoriums, congress centers, exhibition halls and the like—; establishments for public entertainment and recreational activities; catering —bars, restaurants and cafeterias— and passenger transport —stations and airports—. The means of transport - trains, buses and planes - must also comply with the provisions regarding temperature. Exceptions Hairdressers, hospitals, health centers and educational centers will not be obliged to comply with the measures. What measures do these buildings have to adopt? Temperature The Government will oblige these buildings to keep the heating below 19ºC and the air conditioning above 27ºC; referred to a maintenance of the relative humidity of the air between 30% and 70%. This measure has a term of one week for its fulfillment. Informative posters These buildings will have to add informative posters or screens on the measures adopted for energy saving as well as information on temperature and humidity, door opening and revision and maintenance regimes of the building. Until now, only surfaces of more than 1,000 m2 were required to report these conditions. With the new Government measure, the affected buildings must be clearly visible from the entrance or access to the buildings and may additionally include recommendations on other saving measures. The measure enters into force within a month. Automatic closing doors The access doors from the street to the buildings must have an adequate door closing system, which may consist of a simple automatic door closing arm. Until now, this obligation did not affect buildings that were supplied with renewable energy, which now also includes it. This measure has a deadline to be adopted until September 30. Shop windows One of the measures that has generated the most controversy, including the reaction of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Shop windows must be turned off after 10:00 p.m. Public buildings that are now unoccupied will also be turned off. It will have to be fulfilled within seven days. Technical energy efficiency inspections Buildings that are required to regularly pass energy efficiency inspections whose last review was prior to January 1, 2021, will have to pass a new one before December 1 of this year. Modification of the public contracting regime Finally, the Government has also modified, exceptionally, some aspects of the public contracting regime for those contracts whose purpose is energy improvement. Thus, the reduction of offer deadlines or direct negotiation with previously invited candidates is allowed, without the need for a public offer.

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