November 30, 2020

The small clothing ecommerce that flees from seasonal fashion




They started with a small portfolio (they sold more than 40,000) and have already added backpacks, sweatshirts and windbreaks made from recycled plastic to their collection. So mature Minimalism, a brand that is not named in this way by chance. The word contains in itself the spirit of a company that rejects hyperconsumism and moves away from fast fashion. A new badge that since 2017 seeks the Basic, useful, quality and durable clothing, with sustainable manufacturing processes and a great social commitment. He wants to be a company of the future. It is so transparent that even every day it publishes on its website all the business figures: billing, average ticket, number of customers, users …

Details of the backpacks they manufacture and the fabrics they use to make some of their garments "width =" 220 "height =" 220
Details of the backpacks they manufacture and the fabrics they use to make some of their garments

“Our goal is to dress people from top to bottom, without spending a million and wearing clothes that are environmentally friendly, responsible and sustainable. We prefer that they buy ten t-shirts a year, very good, than four every two months. We are against seasonal fashion. We have a perennial collection and every two months we get something new, ”he explains Victor Rolled, one of the founders of Minimalism with Pepe Martín.

Victor, journalist, and Pepe, graduated in Advertising, were clear from the beginning that they wanted to undertake and in a responsible way. «We started with a small wallet. It was a product that I saw in the United States and to which we changed the design and incorporated some improvements. We found a manufacturer and started advertising on the internet. It was the excuse to learn about ecommerce, ”says Victor. They could not, then, reuse materials, but “in the portfolio we do not use chemicals, nor pollutants, they are natural dyes and even the cutting machines do not use gasoline. In manufacturing we try to generate the minimum carbon footprint, ”he says. Premises that have followed in the rest of their clothes. Then they started selling backpacks. Both items are made in China, in the cities of Shenzhen and Guanzhou. «There we have all the manufacturing controls required to carry out our products in a sustainable way. In these factories we have 5 or 7 employees depending on the activity ».

And the great leap to textile arrived: t-shirts, sweatshirts, windbreakers … «The windbreaker is 100% recycled polyester. We use 8 plastic bottles to make it. It is done in Portugal, from where we take the plastics and the factory makes them the thread with which to make the fabric, ”explains Victor. T-shirts and sweatshirts are made in Bangladesh, in the city of Dhaka. There the cotton is extracted and attempts are made to reduce the carbon footprint in transport. "We are giving work to people who are socially isolated," he says.

Today this small fashion e-commerce also has a logistics center located in Guadarrama (Madrid), where between 8 and 20 employees work depending on work peaks. Y they sell through their website, from Amazon and in the English Court and small stores in Mallorca, Madrid, Bilbao and Lisbon. The secret of its success: "We manufacture clothes at a consistent price and in return we lower margins," says Victor.

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