The Skyrunning World Cup in Italy will have three athletes from Gran Canaria

The Skyrunning World Cup in Italy will have three athletes from Gran Canaria

Alejandro Mayor and Yasmina Castro, during the concentration with the Spanish team FEDME. / feed me

Oswaldo Medina, after his exhibition in Teror, joins the Spanish FEDME team in which Alejandro Mayor and Yasmina Castro were already in Ultra distance

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The seventh edition of the Skyrunning World Championships, to be held in the Italian town of Ossola from the 9th to the 11th of next September, will have a high interest in the Canary Islands, since the Spanish team FEDME will finally have three athletes in its ranks.

This high-level international event will feature
three grancanarian runners. After the success achieved last weekend by Oswaldo Medina from Aruca, from the Carphial Teror Trail, by achieving the runner-up position in the 2022 Online Cup of Spain and sealing his ticket for the World Cup event in the Sky mode, there will be three representatives of the canary trail in italy.

To Italy, but in the Ultra modality, they had already obtained a place
Alejandro Mayor from Galicia and the runner from Santa Lucía de Tirajana Yasmina Castro. The members of the Gallotia club have had a great season and a few weeks ago they participated in the concentration that FEDME held in Terres del L'Ebre from July 14 to 17.

The three runners from Gran Canaria are focused on this month of August in finalizing the preparation with a view to an appointment that will be indelible for them. The Sky modality, in which Oswaldo Medina will be, will take place in the Veia SkyRace, a test that was already the protagonist in 2019 when it hosted the European Skyrunning Championship. Located in Val Bognanco,
the race will have 31 kilometers of route and 2,600 meters of positive elevation gainwhich run along trails and ridges with fixed ropes that make it a true skyrunning course.

For their part, Alejandro Mayor and Yasmina Castro will compete in the Skyultra distance, with a route of
56 kilometers with 3,692 meters of positive elevation gain. The World Cup race will be held at the Bettelmatt Skyultra, a demanding test in which the runner will be rewarded for his titanic effort with impressive views along the route. There, they will explore the spectacular Val Formazza, and the competition will traverse alpine passes, natural and artificial lakes, and a world-famous waterfall.

The Skyrunning World Championship takes place in the town of Ossola, an area in Piedmont, to the north of the Italian peninsula near the border with Switzerland, a spectacular place surrounded by peaks of more than 4,000 meters of altitude, perfect for practicing this sport. But each modality - Vertical Kilometer, Sky and Skyultra - will take place in different places within the same area.

The epicenter of all three events will be in the main city of the area, Domodossola. Dating back to pre-Roman times, the small town is situated just an hour from Milan airport and is close to the Swiss border to the west and one of Italy's most famous lakes, Lago Maggiore, to the east.

Yasmina Castro, Alejandro Mayor and Oswaldo Medina will be the three representatives of the Canary Islands in the Spanish FEDME team. The rise of this sport on the islands is endorsed by the presence of three athletes who have shown enormous projection in recent years. Defending the national jersey in a world championship is not within everyone's reach and
the three want to live this unforgettable experience to the fullest.

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