July 29, 2021

The size was not given in Villamarín

Real Madrid had the need to win the victory at Benito Villamarín so as not to spoil his great triumph in the Classic against Barça. Zidane had encountered three unexpected casualties, those of Carvajal, Isco and Nacho, which together with those of Asensio and Hazard complicated the eleven holder. The whites were aware that they had 12 league finals left last night and the truth is that they almost always lacked intensity and rhythm. In fact, in the first half it was Betis who had the clearest chance, although Courtois, who is still in great shape, made a stop at a great shot of Fekir.

Clear penalty and little else No wonder Sidnei advanced his own after a succession of Real Madrid mistakes. The furniture was saved with the clear penalty of Sidnei to Marcelo and this time Ramos let Benzema increase his scoring figure, which tied. No, it was not the 45 minutes required by the game and Zidane’s team was obliged to take the rest because that tie was returning the lead to a minor Barça and who is in pain, but who can not be granted an advantage with stumbling blocks Unexpected in these fields. The thing would get worse …

Touch to get up again Zidane’s team did not improve and it was Betis again who had a chance through Joaquin who covered Modric. In addition, Marcelo broke, Mendy entered and the thing did not look good for the Madrid team. Zidane tried to react with the entry of Mariano by Kroos, who was not fine yesterday, as almost nobody in the white team. But at least the team stirred a ratillo and Mendy fired a shot at the stick, although everything stayed in soda. It was difficult for Real Madrid to get something positive playing yesterday with its worst version and Tello sentenced the game with an unexpected defeat, which hurts. Touch to get up again.


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