The sixth wave overflows the PACs in the Vigo area and the doctors warn: “It is being a tsunami”

The sixth wave of the pandemic It is not being as devastating as the first, especially in terms of patients in serious condition due to the virus and fatalities, thanks mainly to the vaccine, but the level of infections is completely unleashed (In the last day, 224 new infections were registered in the health area of Vigo) and is completely overflowing the Primary Care of the city and its surroundings.

Evidence of this is given by the emergency physicians of the Continuous Care Points (PAC) in the area, who assure that this sixth wave “It is the worst we have experienced so far, it is being a real tsunami for us”. The reasons are multiple. One of them is that the general feeling they are getting is that the population believes that the pandemic is over.

“The situation is unsustainable: in the last watch of 17 hours we could not rest a minute”

Esther López – PAC of Ponteareas


“It seems that people have forgotten everything that has happened and they think that with the vaccine they can no longer be infected. Moreover, many people who refuse to take the test come to us every day, especially parents who do not want their children to do it despite having symptoms or adults who say they no longer need it, and even get very aggressive ”, says Sabela Crespo, a doctor at the Cangas PAC.

In all primary care emergency units they are perceiving this phenomenon. “They tell us they don’t want to get tested for antigens, we meet a lot of deniers as well. The fear of everything has been lost ”, he assures Maite messiah, COVID coordinator of the PAC of Porriño.

“It seems that the fear of the virus has been lost; people think that with the vaccine everything is fixed ”

Maite Mesías – PAC of Porriño


Precisely, with regard to this loss of fear of the pandemic, the professionals point out, people who did the pharmacy self-test come to the emergency room every day, tested positive and still go out onto the streets and enter the PACs.

“How can it be that someone who knows they are infected is planted in a waiting room and sits next to patients who may have cancer and are therefore at risk?”, He wonders Elisa Ausín, COVID coordinator of the PAC of Vigo.

Almost 8 out of 10 emergencies attended in the PACs are for respiratory issues

This circumstance is also causing collateral effects: it is no longer just putting the rest of the patients at risk and also the health professionals who care for the infected patient, but also It is generating waits of several hours to be attended in some PACs, Because some centers have a single room dedicated to COVID patients, who have to clean and disinfect thoroughly after the consultation and before receiving the next patient.

And doctors remember: All those people who have mild symptoms with suspicion of having COVID and of course all those who know they are infected, should call by phone instead of going in person to the emergency room and put other citizens at risk. According to the doctors in the Vigo area, there are people who have carried out three self-tests in the pharmacy, in all three they have tested positive and even so they went to the emergency room “as if nothing.”

“How can someone who knows they have it planted in the emergency room?”

Elisa Ausín – PAC of Vigo


The situation in Primary Care in the health area of ​​Vigo has been worrying for a long time, especially due to the lack of staff that reduces the care activity in health centers and PACs. Uncovered casualties lead to citizens who do not have an assigned GP, and that leads to them having difficulties getting an appointment at their health center, which is why they report directly to the emergency room, increasing the work overload of the professionals who are on call. If the sixth wave of COVID is added to this situation, the cocktail is devastating.

“Right now we cannot handle the pandemic from Primary Care due to lack of personnel. We have so many thousands of uncontrolled people that it is impossible. And if this happens at the first level of care, in the end it will also affect the hospital ”, he assures Elisa Ausín. All this situation leads doctors to demand that the respective administrations convey messages of prudence to the population and that the pandemic has not ended, “because people have that feeling, that the virus no longer exists.”

Because the saturation of the PACs is enormous. In Ponteareas, for example, This Sunday 170 people were treated, and 80% had clinical pictures compatible with the virus. In Cangas, for its part, which also have to receive the emergencies that arrive from Moaña, they treat about sixty people with suspected COVID daily, in the region of Louriña (Porriño, Mos and Salceda) in a single day some fifty positives and in Vigo the figures are already skyrocketing. In many cases, these are close contacts of positives who should be confined, but as they have detected in Primary Care, during this wave the monitoring center would not be as effective as in previous periods of the pandemic, in addition to the fact that the quarantine is not as strictly adhered to as before.

Regarding the general situation of the pandemic, In the health area of ​​Vigo there are currently about 2,600 people who have coronavirus, and little by little the hospital pressure continues to grow: in the last day six new admissions were registered, raising the number of patients with COVID on the ward in the city’s health centers to 53, while fourteen are in the ICU.

📣📣O xerente of our Health Area, Javier Puente, gave a chamamento to prudence to all citizens. We sex prudent !!! Polo noso ben eo dos demais !!!

Posted by Vigo Health Area on Sunday, December 5, 2021

Sergas call to responsibility

The manager of the sanitary area of ​​Vigo, Javier Puente, He spoke publicly in recent days in the face of “concern” about the incessant increase in cases of COVID to call for the responsibility of citizens both on this bridge and next Christmas. “If we do not take precautionary measures, we will be having many problems in the coming weeks, preventing cases from continuing to increase and end up in the hospital with serious damage,” warns Puente.


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