March 7, 2021

The sixth exit of Real Madrid de Zidane

Theo Hernández is no longer a Real Madrid player. Milan has hired him for some 20 million euros and the left side dissociates himself from the Bernabéu club definitively after playing last season in Real Sociedad. Zidane has already decongested the left wing, in which now there are only Marcelo and Mendy, while Reguilón left on loan to Sevilla this season. Football goes around a lot, but it seems unlikely that Frenchman Theo and Real Madrid will match again.

The footballer came from Atlético de Madrid to be a replacement for Marcelo, but his performances were far below expectations. Theo proved to be quick, but he lacked personality to prevail on the left wing. It is not easy to be side in Real Madrid, because it requires depth, do not neglect your back and be decisive in the attack. Marcelo has set the bar very high and Theo weighed too much responsibility when he had to change for the Brazilian.

Real Madrid gave the last season to the Real Sociedad so that the player did not stop without minutes another season, but in the whole of San Sebastian Theo has not taken the step forward that was expected.

He had to win the return to the Bernabéu, but Zidane and the club considered that he was not mature to be a reference player. Zidane trusts Marcelo but wants someone he can trust if the Brazilian does not come back after a low profile and out of shape season. That's why the Frenchman Mendy has been signed.

With Marcelo as titular theorist and Mendy as substitute, Theo ended his cession in Real without any possibility of playing in the white set; in addition, the appearance of Reguilón in an important section of the previous campaign, caused that the step of Theo descended a little more.

The Milan, who will not play in Europe as a sanction, wanted to have him and has been the team that has insisted on signing him the most. Theo agreed and now begins a new stage in his sports career.

Real Madrid returns to work on Monday and the work of the club has already achieved that six players are not present in the return.

The first to leave was Marcos Llorente; after Kovacic, who are, for now, the ones who have left the most money; and From Tomas, to Benfica; and Theo al Milan, has given the club 20 million each; Reguilón has been transferred. There are still some things to do, but the first discard sprint is already done

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