The six positive cases of coronavirus in the Canary Islands, in good health - La Provincia

The Ministry of Health reports that the six positive cases of coronavirus COVID-19 that are hospitalized and isolated in the Canary Islands are still in good health. All of them are cases imported from Italy. Five of them are part of a group of 10 Italian citizens who came to spend a holiday in Tenerife. The first one tested positive on Monday, February 24 and since then all his companions were isolated in the rooms of the hotel where they were staying.

The person who has tested positive in La Gomera is also still in good health admitted to a hospital on the island. All of your direct and close contacts have been studied without positive results.

With respect to the guests of the Hotel of the South of Tenerife where this group of Italians were staying and that is under sanitary control measures, to inform that it is continued in a normalized way with the operation leaving the group of up to 130 people for having entered the hotel after the isolation of The positives and their contacts. Up to 11:15 this Sunday, 73 people left, 9 of them Spanish and the rest foreigners. Departures continue in a staggered manner.

In relation to the rest of the guests, the authorities continue to make progress in the negotiation with the countries of origin to carry out the relevant transfers complying with all the protocols.

Information lines

The Ministry of Health maintains activated a toll-free telephone line (900 112 061), from which a Nursing team, under the coordination of the Canary Islands Emergency Service (SUC), will respond to requests for information from the public regarding prevention measures, possibilities of contagion and false concepts related to the virus.

In addition, it is recalled the importance of people who consider that they may have symptoms related to the coronavirus (cough, sore throat, fever and feeling of shortness of breath) and have returned in the last 14 days of any of the areas of risk or status related to someone who comes from those points, get in touch with 1-1-2, avoiding going directly to the Primary Care Centers or Hospital Emergencies. Through this route, the extraction of samples at the home will be managed, although the population is also asked to use this resource rationally and only when the above conditions are met.


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