The six English clubs leave the Super League

No English club will participate in the Super League.

No English club will participate in the Super League.

All English clubs abandon the Super League project, following in the footsteps of Manchester City, which was the first to announce it officially. The six English clubs that were established among the twelve founding members of the new competition have started the procedures to leave the Super league.

In a series of statements issued on Tuesday night, the four clubs that had not yet positioned themselves against the competition, after City announced their intention to leave and Chelsea leaked their plan to leave, confirmed the departure of the Pharaonic project. Manchester City was the first to make it official on Tuesday afternoon, after it was leaked that Chelsea would abandon the project. Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur will not continue with the Super League either.

“Liverpool can confirm that our participation in the proposal to form a European Super League will not continue,” Liverpool said.

The Arsenal apologized for making “this mistake” and he pointed out that the response of the fans has made them reflect and reconsider. “The last few days have shown us the deep feeling of our fans for this club. Their response has made us reflect and think. It was never our intention to cause these problems, but we did not want to be left behind when we received the invitation to this Super League, to protect the future of Arsenal, “the Gunners said in a statement. “As a result of hearing the statement from the football, we left the Super League. We made a mistake and we apologize for that. ”

Neither will Daniel Levy’s Tottenham Hotspur continue with the project, who issued a statement. “We regret of the anxiety and sadness we have caused. We believed that it was important for our club to participate in the development of a new structure that would ensure the financial future of the football pyramid. We believe that the sport should constantly review its competitions and that the bodies should make sure that the sport that we all love evolves. Thanks to the fans for their input, “Levy said.

Finally, Manchester United stated that they will not be part of the competition either. “We will not participate in the European Super League. We have listened carefully to the reaction of our fans, the UK Government and others. We remain committed to working with the football community to put in place sustainable solutions to the long-term challenges faced by them. that football is facing, “United said.


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