The singer-songwriter Roco Ruano takes the stage of the Len-Castillo House-Museum - La Provincia

The Canarian singer-songwriter Rocío Ruano offers, with free admission, the last concert of the year on the stage of the House-León y Castillo Museum from Telde, on December 21, at 8:00 p.m., to close the Patios En-Cantados program.

The young Teldense soloist, 26, will play the guitar some of his personal compositions written in both English and Spanish, as well as a series of songs by artists such as Rosana, Amy Winehouse, Luis Fonsi, David Bisbal, Mecano, Queen, The Beatles € "Songs for all ages and audiences," says Ruano.

Catchy songs

In this acoustic, Ruano, who from late last year returned from London to where he left with 18 years to settle on his home island, will display his ability to interpret from a sound related to the pop, his catchy songs and of simple chords, as she characterizes her musical proposal. "My lyrics are developed from a positive perspective that musically absorbs all the sticks that I have nurtured throughout life, since the bachata to bluesgoing through it rap, the rumba, he reggae wave bossa nova. However, those who know me understand that my versatile style has the definite seal of singer-songwriter Rocío Ruano, "the soloist points out.

Ruano, who was recently part of the musical Don Mendo's Revenge which was released by Clapso in the Cuyás theater from the capital of Gran Canaria, it is still remembered by many. He sang surprising his own and strangers in the Gala of the TP awards with 3 years and in the program Looking for a star. He emigrated with London to eighteen years to find his life singing Latin music in hotels, pubs such as Cargo in Shoreditch, Salsa Bar in Soho, Proud Camden in Camden Town or Piano Works in Farringdon, as well as in the London Underground, an activity that occasionally combined as a telemarketer or administrative in a company. The Teldense, who has shared stages with international artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Laura Pausini, Julio Iglesias, Karen Harding or the Aqua group, was also a lead artist at the Chili Fiesta Festival in the United Kingdom for four consecutive years. Gary Barlow, a member of the 'Take That' group, told him that his passion stood out on stage when he saw her perform at the Wembley Arena during his time at the Factor X program.

Influences of pop-rock

Maybe that stage british She is very well caught in her way of composing, "influenced by English pop-rock and the sound of soul," she acknowledges. After introducing himself in 2013 to the popular television program 'Factor X' he began composing his own songs. She was one of the last twenty candidates from all over England and the only foreign contestant. In the last two years of his stay in the British capital, he was able to keep the music.

"Until then I did not know what it meant to live from music one hundred percent. The experience of London was very enriching. It made me grow as a person. Knowing the multicultural energy of such an iconic capital that has been the cradle of so many cultural and current experiences musicals, it oxygenated my mind. London gave me the opportunity to know who I was and discover myself, "underlines the young artist.

Now she is immersed in the self-production of her first single that began with the collaboration of English musicians. It portrays situations that he takes from everyday life "from a metaphorical and positive perspective," he says. "I want to make a dent in the market as Rocío Ruano and not interpreting what is salable. I include in this work three Cuban, saxophone, trumpet, flamenco guitar and electronic effects."

He confesses that his first reference singer was the American Christina Aguilera, and then fix his gaze on the American also Beyoncé, although he admits that his great influence comes from the Valladolid group Greta and the Garbo founded by Beatriz González Greta and her sisters. He is also fascinated by the versatility of the American singer, songwriter, music producer and choreographer Bruno Mars. "I usually listen to everything. Lately I have given myself to the rap of Eminen, Tupac, Canserberos and Los Aldeanos, among others."


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