'The Simpsons' also predicted Russia's war with Ukraine

It is not the first time we see a world event reflected in a chapter of 'The Simpson'. Now, following the Russian troops attacks Ukrainehas begun to circulate through Twitter an episode of the yellow family from 24 years ago where reference is made to this warlike conflict.

Exactly, this is chapter 19 of the ninth season, which aired in 1998 and that in full 2022 has become viral for a scene recreating the resurgence of the Soviet Union in a period, furthermore, in which it had already been divided.

In it, Homer accidentally shoots the captain of a submarine in Russian waters during a military exercise, leading the troops to resurrect the Berlin Wall.

Given the great expectation on social networks, 'The Simpsons' writer and executive producer Al Jean tweeted: "So sad to say this wasn't hard to predict.". “I hate to say it, but I was born in 1961, so I lived 30 years of my life with the specter of the Soviet Union. To me, this is sadly more the norm than a prediction. We thought things were going to go wrong," he also told 'Hollywood Reporter'.

“Historic aggression never really goes away and you have to be very vigilant. In 1998, when this clip was broadcast, it was perhaps the height of relations between United States and Russia”, he continues. And she finishes: "Of course, people have been prompted to comment 'The Simpsons have done it again', although, we must point out, the invasion of Ukraine it will not mark the return of the Soviet Union.”

Because the popular animated series has predicted some of the most important political and cultural moments in world history, such as the presidency of donald trump and the performance of Lady Gaga in the Super Bowl, many fans of 'The Simpsons' have reported that the program also prophesied the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Thus, a follower who is a fan of the Matt Groenning production has tweeted: "The Simpsons are basically a visual version of library of babel”. And another has pondered: "The return of the Soviet Union?!? Yes, the Simpsons predicted that too."

“In the 1998 episode, Tide Simpson attends a United Nations meeting between Russia and the United States where it is revealed that the Soviet Union never really disbanded, as soldiers come out of hiding to patrol, hidden tanks shoot out of parade floats and barbed wire. Afterward, the Berlin Wall emerges with troops armed with machine guns. Even Vladimir Lenin returns from his mummified state to 'crush capitalism'explains another admirer.

“Throughout the post-Cold War era, the Simpsons have understood Russia better than most political decision makers in the West. El Hierro Curtain never actually fell, it was only taken down for a short time to repair it, with the goal of relocating it as far west as possible,” wrote another fan of the cult series.

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