The show 'Una noche en Artenara' will feature the presence of the Tabaiba Project and Germán López

Guacimara Medina with the guests at the presentation of the patron saint festivities of Artenara. / C7

The 20th edition of the event in homage to timplista José Antonio Ramos will be held on August 20, at 9:30 p.m., in the Plaza de San Matías

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Artenara does not forget the timplista José Antonio Ramos. The concert 'One night in Artenara, with friends of José Antonio Ramos'
will be held again on August 20, at 9:30 the Plaza de San Matías in the summit municipality, with performances by the timplista Germán López and the group Tabaiba Project.

This was announced yesterday by the Minister of Culture of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, Guacimara Medina, the mayor of Artenara, Jesús Díaz, his Councilor of Culture, Dina González and the sister of the missing timplista, Pilar Ramos, who also presented the
program of the Fiestas in honor of the Virgen de la Cuevita, which will take place from the 14th to the 28th of this month of August.

Guacimara Medina advanced that the collaboration of the Cabildo with the municipality of Artenara in promoting its patron saint festivities is part of "the cultural policy of insular scope and decentralization carried out in these years that conceives
culture as a fundamental element of the social cohesion of Gran Canaria, as a good that must be accessible and democratic, beyond mere popular celebrations, "he said. Among the planned events, Medina also highlighted the second edition of the activity 'Artenara at the foot of the sky', coordinated by the teacher and verseador Yeray Rodríguez.

Jesús Díaz, mayor of Artenara, pointed out that the Cuevita
«It is a family party that we have not carried out one hundred percent for three years. First it was the fire that devastated the summit and then the two years of pandemic. We have deployed an attractive program that will make citizens go up to Artenara”, advanced the mayor of the municipality with the fewest inhabitants in Gran Canaria, with 1,100 residents.

From left to right, Dina González, Jesús Díaz, Guacimara Medina and Pilar Ramos at the presentation of the Fiestas de la Cuevita de Artenara. /


Dina González, Councilor for Culture of Artenara, lamented that it is "very difficult to program culture in the municipality" and
defined this year's program "for all types of publicwith folklore, summer night cinema, tribute concerts, activities linked to the solstice that value the cultural heritage of the summit, religious acts, sporting events, etc.

For her part, the sister of José Antonio Ramos, Pilar Ramos, highlighted the two different musical proposals included in the poster for the activity 'Una noche en Artenara', and recognized that
already after 20 editions it would be impossible for the aforementioned event to disappear. «We owe it to José Antonio for everything he did to project the timple internationally from the Canary Islands».

The legacy of the timple player

The legacy of José Antonio Ramos, who died in 2008, will be present in the show 'Una noche en Artenara', a proposal that every August from
Almost two decades ago, he brought together a group of musicians and friends of the timplista to remember him through the story of those who were his students and collaborators. The event is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria and the Government of the Canary Islands.

It is a musical meeting that was born from the hand of José Antonio Ramos in 2002.
The idea, faithful to the philosophy of its creator, was to promote synergies between artists that move with different criteria in popular music, jazz and pop. Throughout the different editions, important names such as Mestisay, Taburiente, Kepa Junkera, Troveros de Asieta, Domingo Rodríguez 'El Colorao', Nono García, Javier Ruibal, Totoyo Millares, Mari Carmen Mulet, Fabiola Socas, Javier Paxariño, Polo Ortí, Germán López and many more.

In this 20th edition Germán López presents his new album 'Alma' and Tabaiba Project at Artenara
brings us root music performed by the newest generation of musicians from Gran Canaria, among which are Alberto González on the timple; Gabriel Rodríguez on the flute; Pedro García at the piano; Julia Rodríguez as voice; Alejandro Alemán on percussion; Ricardo González on bass; and Pedro Luis García on percussion. Among their references and as a source of inspiration, the band highlights José Antonio Ramos and Germán López, with whom they share this year's poster.

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