The shooting of'Las consecuencias' with Juana Acosta starts in June in Canarias - La Provincia

The shooting of'Las consecuencias' with Juana Acosta starts in June in Canarias - La Provincia

The movie The consequences, the second feature film by the Venezuelan filmmaker Claudia Pinto, will begin filming next June in the islands of La Palma and La Gomera, with the actress Colombian Juana Acosta as protagonist, along with the veteran actors Carme Elías and Alfredo Castro, who play their parents in this dramatic plot that gravitates on filial relationships, human instincts, atavistic fears and the need to protect those we love.

It is the first major film production that comes to the fore beautiful island, where the team began filming their first scenes last October in the municipality of Tijarafe, specifically, on the beach of Veta, located in the northwest of the island. However, the inclement weather and the poor state of the sea forced postpone filming, which also requires a "complicated props" to the spring of 2019, as confirmed by sources linked to the La Palma Film Commission. The forecast of the team is to land on the western island for a month and a half and then move for a shorter period to the island of La Gomera. The rest of the locations of the film are located in Valencia and Benidorm.

The plot of The consequences is articulated as a psychological drama in the key of a family thriller around the character of Fabiola (Acosta), who becomes a spy in her own home when she discovers how her father looks at his 13-year-old daughter. "On a trip to a small island, he becomes a spy in his home and is torn between fear of what he can find and the need to have certainty, you can not always look the other way," said the director herself. , who presented the idea of ​​the project in the penultimate edition of the International Festival of Movie theater of San Sebastián.

This project constitutes Pinto's second feature film, which debuted with the acclaimed film The longest distance (Spain, Venezuela, 2014), also with the actress Carme Elías, winning the Platinum Award for Best Ibero-American First Film and nominated for Goya in the category Best Ibero-American Film, among other recognitions. This first film, filmed between Venezuela and Spain with a scarce official budget of 1.75 million dollars, was screened at the 13th edition of the Ibero-American Film Festival, Ibértigo, held by the Vertigo Film Association in the capital of Gran Canaria.


On the other hand, The consequences It is forged as a Spanish-Belgian-Dutch co-production, which forms the landing of the first major film production in La Palma, which in 2016 was set up as a set for the filming of the international series Berlin Station, of Paramount TV, and that from this month will host the filming of the series The Witcher, of Netflix, next to Gran Canaria and La Gomera.

In addition, this is the second filming of Juana Acosta in the Archipelago, who already filmed the movie Time without air, by Samuel Martín Mateos and Andrés Luque Pérez, together with Carmelo Gómez and Adriana Ugarte, in different locations on the island of Tenerife in 2014. In addition to Acosta, the name of Barbara Lennie was evaluated for the role of Fabiola.


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