The shoot in which Alec Baldwin killed a woman received complaints for lack of security

Actor Alec Baldwin.
Carlo Allegri

Several employees of the filming in which Alec Baldwin accidentally killed the director of photography Halyna Hutchins protested, that same day, for allegedly poor working conditions and lack of security. According to sources quoted by the Los Angeles Times newspaper, half a dozen assistants and camera operators resigned en bloc the day of the fatal accident, since in the previous days there were problems with that same weapon, which in his opinion was not properly supervised. For its part, the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office, in the state of New Mexico (USA), declined to comment on the matter and stated that it will not have more information until next week, as the investigation continues.

On Thursday afternoon, the producer of the film ‘Rust’ indicated that the accident It was due to a pistol loaded with blank cartridges and not bullets, although the authorities did not confirm this point. “We haven’t even started the forensic investigation on that issue,” Sheriff’s spokesman Juan Ríos said in a statement released by Deadline magazine on Friday.

Also, three unidentified employees told the Los Angeles Times that a group of technicians complained that there was “a very serious lack of security measures” on the set. The protests reached such a point that six hours before the incident, up to half a dozen camera operators left the studio and were replaced by staff who were not attached to any professional union.

Previous complaints of precarious conditions on social networks

Two days earlier, Lane Luper, a camera assistant attached to the IATSE union (International Alliance of Stage Employees), described the alleged precarious conditions of the shooting through a series of Facebook comments reviewed by EFE. “Right now, I’m fighting for my team, in this movie, to have hotel rooms when we’re late or we’re too tired to drive an hour back from the filming location to Albuquerque. Either they say no or they offer a junk motel. next to the road that is used as a refuge for beggars, “wrote the technician.

Luper posted the comments in response to a video in which Baldwin encouraged the union to call a strike while a deal was being negotiated with the Hollywood studio bosses. “I’m literally in the New Mexico production, with him and the growers, and they’re treating the home team like dog shit“, he affirmed before adding that” they had not even “paid the right thing.

Another source indicated that the director of photography who died asked to improve the conditions of her equipment, although no further details are known about it.

Alec Baldwin: “There are no words to express my sadness”

Baldwin, actor and producer of the film, assured this Friday that I was “heartbroken” by the accident. “There are no words to express my sadness and shock at the tragic accident that took the life of Halyna Hutchins, a woman, mother and companion deeply admired by all of us. I am cooperating with the investigation to find out how this tragedy occurred, “the actor said on his Twitter profile. The interpreter, who also injured the film’s director, Joel Souza, added that he is in contact with the wife’s husband. deceased, who in turn spoke to the Business Insider newspaper. “I will not be able to comment on the events or what we are going through at the moment, but I appreciate that everyone has been very understanding,” he said. Hutchins was of Ukrainian descent and moved to the United States to graduate from the American Film Institute in 2015.

The incident occurred on Thursday at the Bonanza Creek Ranch, a scene where many productions of Hollywood. During the days of filming ‘Rust’ he shared several photographs on Instagram, one of them with a letter that said: “One of the best parts of recording ‘westerns’ is having mornings like this.”

An inexplicable mistake

Professionals in the industry also fail to explain how a prop pistol ended up causing the death of someone. “There is no excuse for something like this to happen,” Steve Wolf, a theatrical weapons expert, told CNN. “If you put a blank cartridge, you make sure there isn’t a bullet at the end. It’s hollow, it’s just gunpowder and a piece of paper,” he reasoned. A prop gun can be made of rubber or real, but the guidelines require that there be a supervisor with the sole responsibility of checking the weapon before it is handed over to the cast.


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