Sat. Feb 22nd, 2020

The shocking image of an iceberg seen underwater

Only what we can see is the tip, but 90% of the iceberg is submerged in the ocean

Tobias Friedich is a photographer passionate about the oceans that won the second prize in the Coldwater Ocean Art 2019 contest with an image where he can show what an iceberg hides below.

The photograph was taken in Greenland and to get it, the photographer and a diver have needed two weeks. Both descended to 21.3 meters deep every day during that time until they managed to portray what an iceberg hides underwater.

The Archimedes principle demonstrates that 89% of an iceberg is submerged underwater. Iceberg floats because the density of ice is lower than that of seawater, so the modulus of its weight must be equal to the force that seawater exerts on it. Taking into account that the density of sea water is 1,030 kg per cubic meter and that the density of ice is 920 kg per cubic meter, we obtain 0.89, which means that 89% of the iceberg is submerged underwater .

And photography does not deny mathematics. They explain that they cut three triangles in the ice approximately 50 centimeters thick near the base of each iceberg, an entrance and two exits in case someone needed air. The salt water itched at 27 degrees Fahrenheit, “as cold as you can imagine,” he told the magazine Wired.

With the help of a DSLR camera enclosed in an underwater housing, it shows a fellow diver dwarfed by an icy white belly, larger than a whale. “You fly through the water and you see this universe down there, which is so random, beautiful and fascinating,” Friedrich said.


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