The ship with 64 migrants seeks help from Malta after five days of waiting

The ship with 64 migrants seeks help from Malta after five days of waiting

The humanitarian boat "Alan Kurdi", with 64 migrants on board since last Wednesday, asked Malta today to allow the disembarkation of these people, including two children and one pregnant woman, after Italy has denied them a safe harbor.

The boat, from the German NGO Sea Eye, is near the island of Malta, in the central Mediterranean, where it arrived after access to the nearby Italian island of Lampedusa was blocked.

The Italian authorities allowed the disembarkation of two mothers with their two children, one and six years old, but these refused to abandon the ship and separate themselves from the rest of their families.

The ship "Alan Kurdi", which takes its name from the Syrian boy drowned in 2015, headed towards Malta to protect himself from the worsening of the sea conditions and because in the next hours he will need to provide himself with food and other necessities.

"The climate is getting hard, we hope that the political minds calm down quickly and do what is human, protect human life," the organization published on Twitter today, along with a request for "help" to the Maltese Prime Minister, Joseph. Muscat.

On board, Benjamin, a 30-year-old Nigerian, travels with the rest from Libya, a country plunged into war and violence since 2011 and who is now experiencing a surge of hostility with the attempts of Marshal Jalifa Hafter to take the area. from Tripoli.

He arrived in Libya in 2015 and his stay in that country has been like "an inferno", he explains in a video posted on the social networks of the German NGO: "It is the most terrible country I have known since I was born, it is not civilized" , he says.

"The blacks use us as slaves, they sell to human beings, they sold me twice, for 500 dinars (about 300 euros), they will sell you for 500 dinars, since I arrived, I did not have freedom," he warns. attempt to discourage other immigrants from following in their footsteps.

As in other previous cases, the boat in which people like Benjamin travel remains on the high seas waiting for a safe and European country to allow their disembarkation, given that Italy and Malta, the closest, persist in their refusal.

The Italian Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, yesterday said that the ship was going to Malta: "Go back, the direct NGO to Malta, very well, in Italy it is not passed," he commented on Twitter, along with the label "closed ports "

Salvini, also vice president of the Government that shares with the Five Star Movement, has promoted a policy of closed ports for humanitarian organizations that rescue migrants, whom he accuses of favoring the migratory phenomenon.

Italy has urged Germany to take charge of these 64 migrants given that the organization and the ship that rescued them on Wednesday are from that country.

Precisely the permission to disembark the two mothers and their two children was part of an agreement according to which, after receiving medical attention in Lampedusa, they would be transferred to Germany, local media reported.


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