July 12, 2020

The ship Expedition departs from Uruguay at the beginning of its "Antarctic season"

Some 146 passengers from different parts of the world will today go to the Liberian flag cruiser Expedition from the port of Montevideo in what will be the beginning of their "Antarctic season", in which they will enjoy an experience in close proximity to polar nature.

This was explained to Efe by the maritime agent in charge of receiving the four-story international vessel in the Uruguayan port, Rubén Jokas, who highlighted that the ship arrived on Sunday from Uruguay to the Uruguayan capital from its Arctic season.

"The Antarctic season is when all the ships start in October and directly do everything that implies Ushuaia, Stanley Port, Falklands, Georgia, which keep them until the month of March which is the austral summer," he said.

Among the main features that differentiate this cruise from the traditional highlights trips between the Antarctic icebergs as well as the descent to the ice for controlled approaches to wildlife.

"This is more exclusive, more in line with what the European passenger or from other latitudes is looking for, which is just something different like going to the ice," he said.

In addition to the crew, composed of about 55 people of different nationalities, "mostly" of Filipino nationality, "on board (also) travels a staff of 15 people", from historians, rescuers, doctors, nature specialists, experts polar or doctors of science.

"They are the ones who give the conferences on board, while the ship is traveling to Antarctica, the passengers are very entertained all the time," he added.

In that sense, Jokas explained that the ship has Wi-Fi internet and a library with more than 300 books between thematic fiction and scientific works. Also, passengers can enjoy the views from armchairs located in front of windows along the corridors, and from dining rooms or panoramic themed bars, among them the "Polar Bear Bar".

From the lamps to the paintings that are hanging in the corridors, it is evident the bet of the cruise for the decoration as a way of setting the travelers, with maps and guides of the fauna as well as posters of penguins, polar bears (that inhabit only the Arctic), walruses or birds typical of both poles of the planet.

In the port of Montevideo, the crew is changed, those who come from the "high season" come down and embark the new ones in a rotation that lasts between three and four months. The ship also supplies food and other products necessary for the trip, as well as fuel, which according to Jokas is important for the local economy.

Among others of the characteristics of the trip undertaken by this boat, which was built in 1972 and has 105.23 meters of length and 4.71 meters of maximum draft, is the commitment to preserve the environment and the Antarctic fauna, so that direct contact with animals is not allowed according to international standards.

The excursions last between 7 and 15 days, so each passenger has the option of deciding at which point of the trip you wish to board the boat, but in any of them, as Jokas emphasized, "you will always have the opportunity" to enjoy the tour and "Take a Scotch with Antarctic ice".


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