March 3, 2021

The shift of Human Resources towards comprehensive and innovative approaches



The Morgan Philips-ABC Awards for Human Resources Management, which celebrate its 14th edition this year with the sponsorship of Volvo and Go Fluent, already have finalists in the category of more than 2,500 employees. Santander Bank, Navantia, Abanca Y Unison Group They are the ones chosen in a call that revolves around ‘Practices of accompaniment to business and people to adapt to the changing environment’.

Fernando Guijarro, Managing Director of Morgan Philips Talent Consulting highlights that they are “projects with proven excellence in execution and high doses of creativity and innovation.” In an adverse environment, have achieved results without losing sight of all stakeholders. “They stand out for their comprehensive approach, with a main focus on people and the customer, but including culture, business purpose, and also contribution to society in the equation,” explains Guijarro.

Ana Carton

HR Director of Grupo Unísono

Draft: ‘[R]evolves Unison ‘

The last few months are posing a challenge for Grupo Unísono in which caring for and protecting our people is the priority objective. In these times of great uncertainty, we have opted for agile solutions through the implementation of multiple projects that allow a new distance relationship with employees, generating ‘engagement’ through continuous communication, making ourselves more accessible and generating trust. Replicable projects in all our locations and with sustainable results.

We understand innovation as a facilitator that enables our teams to feel an active part of the company. It has also allowed us to bring our employees even closer, especially at a time when we must remain physically separated.

Fernando Ramirez

HR Director of Navantia

Draft: ‘The cultural evolution of the company within the framework of the Navantia Strategic Plan’

At Navantia we have a challenge: to promote the cultural evolution of a company with more than 300 years of history, involving the thousands of people who make it up. This evolution is the basis for achieving the objectives of our Strategic Plan, which seeks to increase hiring, promote digital transformation and implement a new labor relations framework.

We developed a large transversal project of change management achieving a great impact with our initiatives: ‘Navigators of Change’ (our award-winning program of ambassadors of change), the new ‘Leadership Model’ (implemented in qualified technicians and that in 2021 will reach workshop operators), the ‘Attraction Plan’ and the Diversity and Inclusion Plan ‘(for which there are already 33% women on the Steering Committee).

Maria Way Agra

General Director of Human Capital of Abanca

Draft: ‘Abanca Contigo’

‘Abanca Contigo’ is the accompaniment program during adaptation to work and personal circumstances as a consequence of the pandemic. It was born integrated into the transformation movement #Abancasemueve. It is implemented through a portal structured in five areas:

– Resources to maintain the security of our staff and clients in the offices, and ensure business continuity.

– Resources to address the challenges of the staff in this new reality: ‘Your well-being and that of your family’, ‘Your personal assistance’, ‘Your teleworking’.

– Resources to respond to social needs in the pandemic.

With the support of this project, the bank has increased business contacts, emotional bonding with customers, and has achieved the best employee engagement rates.

Jose Morejon

Human Resources Group, Vice President at Banco Santander

Draft: ‘OneHR’

In line with our vision as a bank to be the best open platform for financial services, from the Human Resources team, we have launched an ambitious project to transform the way of managing people in a global and personalized way, relying on the best technology platforms.

The ‘OneHR’ project accompanies the bank’s digital transformation by providing employees and managers with the tools, processes and information necessary to enhance their autonomy and empowerment. Having immediate access to information and verified data in a single platform will allow knowing internal capacities, making better decisions and working with greater agility in everything related to the management of people and teams.

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