August 5, 2021

«The Shadow of the Law is a film that had never been done before in Spain»

«The Shadow of the Law is a film that had never been done before in Spain»

The Costume Museum reopens its rooms of the permanent exhibition and starts with its autumn activities with a film project: the exhibition "The shadow of the law. Cinematic wardrobe. Designed by Clara Bilbao ", a fascinating journey to black cinema through the costumes of the latest film by Dani de la Torre, one of the most anticipated films this fall, and which will be released in cinemas throughout Spain on October 11, 2018.

The film is starring Luis Tosar and Michelle Jenner, accompanied by a choral cast that include Ernesto Alterio, Vicente Romero, Manolo Solo, Paco Tous, Jaime Lorente, Adriana Torrebejano, Pep Tosar and Fredi Leis, among others.

Set in the Barcelona of 1921, "The Shadow of the Law" is, as its director defines it, "a gangster film, a thrilling thriller of adventure and action, which portrays an under-represented period in Spanish cinema": a Spain immersed in a deep crisis, whose background is the war against Morocco, the struggles of the workers for a decent salary and workdays, and the demands of women for the right to suffrage. Convulsed and revolutionary years in which many of the great advances of the 20th century were forged, but also in those that, immersed fully in the "happy 20's", jazz invaded the city, animated with clubs, music and fun.

The exhibition shows twenty sets of costumes made by Clara Bilbao, winner of two Goya awards from the Film Academy to the best costumes for Nobody Wants the Night (Isabel Coixet, 2016) and Blackthron (Mateo Gil, 2012).

The work of Clara Bilbao is a key narrative element not only to know and deepen the nature of the characters, but also to recreate the political and social situation of the Barcelona of 1921, immersed in the so-called "years of lead", marked by the continuous street clashes between gunmen, anarchists, and corrupt police, managing to transport the viewer to the "atmosphere of black cinema in the purest classic style".

In REASON TV we did not want to miss the opportunity to talk with some of the characters in this film


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