June 24, 2021

The shadow of the alleged laundering of the Danske Bank lengthens and sinks the shares of Deutsche Bank

The shadow of the alleged laundering of the Danske Bank lengthens and sinks the shares of Deutsche Bank


The information surrounding an alleged money laundering in which the Danske Bank, revealed by the informant who gave rise to the Howard Wilkinson scandal, in which it is pointed out that a large European bank helped process payments worth 150,000 million euros, an operation which would involve two other US banks has sunk in Stock market of the German entity that fell around 4%.

In particular, the authorities of Denmark, Estonia, the United Kingdom and the United States are investigating transactions worth 200,000 million euros made through the Estonian subsidiary of Danske Bank between 2007 and 2015.

Wilkinson, who was the head of the stock exchange division in the Baltic region between 2007 and 2014, has ensured in a committee of the Danish parliament that other banks were also involved. "I would say that some 150,000 million euros went to this bank (the big European bank) in the United States," the Briton said, without giving any specific name.

Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan and Bank of America decided to finalize their transactions in dollars with the Danske Bank subsidiary in Estonia before 2015, according to several sources have confirmed to 'Reuters'.

"No one really knows where this money went. All we know is that the last people who saw it were these big banks in the United States. They were the last to do the checks and when that failed, the money was already in the global financial system, "Wilkinson added.

«We have not fulfilled what society expected of us. The case and how the events occurred it does not reflect what the bank wants to be », has indicated the acting CEO of Danske Bank, Jesper Nielsen, after the intervention of Wikinson.

On the other hand, the informant has assured that the Danish banking entity offered him money if he did not reveal anything, but that finally allowed him to speak with the US authorities several weeks ago, although he has stated that he does not expect investigations into this "dirty money" to bear fruit: "There is no real possibility that this money could be tracked and that the criminals lose a single cent, "he added.


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