The SGAE, the Thyssen collection or the Patronage Law, among the challenges of Rodríguez Uribes en Cultura

The will of the previous Minister of Culture, José Guirao, to intervene the General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE), the negotiation of the Thyssen collection or the future Patronage Law are some of the cultural challenges that the new minister of Culture and Sports, José Manuel Rodríguez.

The SGAE has lived a convulsive year that began with the requirements of the Ministry of Culture and Sports for “serious breaches” of the regulations and culminated in a petition for temporary intervention, rejected both in July and again in December by the National Court. His predecessor in office, José Guirao, announced that he would appeal this decision to the Supreme. It remains to be known if his successor will continue on the same line or take a different path.

The reform for the “adaptation” of the Spanish Constitution to an “inclusive” language, a measure announced by the Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo, has also been on the air. The first step taken by the Executive for this measure was the commission to the SAR in mid-2018 to prepare a report on the matter, which is already finished and the institution is debating the final text these days.

Another issue pending after the end of the legislature and which has not yet been addressed is the renewal of the loan for the works of the Carmen Thyssen collection. Culture and the baroness have extended the negotiations – with the consequent State guarantee for the works – until next March, which adds to the extensions that had already been agreed in the previous three years.


Likewise, the reforms proposed so far for a possible new Law of Patronage, something much demanded by the sector and that the PSOE has included in its electoral program, have not come forward in the previous legislature and is expected to see the light in this new period Another of the objectives of the new Government will be to provide a specific item to allow the start of the works of the Kingdom Hall projected by the Prado Museum for this year, since the extraordinary departure of 30 million euros for four years provided by the Government finally could not be executed, when the Budgets were rejected. The director of the art gallery, Miguel Falomir, believes that with this amount you can start at the end of 2020.


As for the ‘papers’ of the Salamanca Archive, a mixed commission was waiting to address the pending issues of an issue in which, as the Ministry’s sources acknowledged to Europa Press, there are “substantive discrepancies” . For example, with the association Save the Archive of Salamanca, which asked to “demand from the Generalitat” the return of 400,000 documents sent “illegally” to Catalonia. But, in addition, the new Government will have to face the problem generated by the resale of tickets, and of which there is already an approved report in 2018 on a future regulation between Culture and the autonomous communities. Although this document could end in a state regulation, the deadlines and decisions that the autonomous communities would make are missing. Among the proposals, the possibility of prohibiting the “usual” resale of tickets, that is, those of a lucrative nature, was highlighted. In addition, although bullfighting has traditionally been part of the powers of the Ministry of Culture, it remains to be known whether these policies could pass to the General Directorate of Animal Welfare that will be under the direction of Pablo Iglesias in the Vice Presidency of Animal Welfare. The Toro de Lidia Foundation has already claimed that these policies remain in Culture and that they be treated in the same way as other cultural sectors.


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