April 18, 2021

The SGAE rectifies and will comply with the Government's requirements to avoid intervention

The SGAE rectifies and will comply with the Government's requirements to avoid intervention

The General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE) announced this Friday that will comply with the demands of the Ministry of Culture and Sports to avoid the intervention of the entity by the Government, so that will adapt to the Intellectual Property Law and modify the pay-as-you-go system, although without modifying its Statutes.

The company has submitted to the Ministry its "firm will to change the regulation to implement electronic voting in elections, in addition to applying the distribution of the 2018 rights according to what the courts of justice and the current legality dictate", according to reported the SGAE in a statement.

However, he advanced that Discarded, for the time being, a change in the Statutes, after the partners rejected the change last December, which is why the Ministry of Culture announced an intervention by the society of authors to address these three points.

In this sense, the SGAE proposes the direct application of the Directive of the European Union and the Law of Intellectual Property but "without the intermediation of the Statutes", in order to "adapt the entity to legality".

As an alternative to the non-approval of the statutory reform in December, The SGAE explains that "the only way out that is possible is to apply directly what is established" by the laws, after a pulse between the Ministry and the society that had intensified in recent days.

The Minister of Culture and Sports, José Guirao, opened last Tuesday the door to the General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE) to avoid an intervention on the part of his department, so that if he fulfilled the requirement to modify his Statutes, "the request will wane" to intervene the institution.

The lawsuit has not yet been filed, but the intention of the Ministry is to do it between this week and next. "My vision is that here there has been a dilatory policy, the Ministry has had a lot of patience, but the laws have to be complied with," Guirao explained.

In September 2018, Culture gave three months for the SGAE to reform its Statutes in accordance with the law, a term that expired on December 27 without the company having carried out these reforms, given that its Assembly did not have enough votes.

For now, we must wait for the reaction of the Ministry to know if the request to intervene the SGAE is maintained or if this announcement reconciles the society with the department of Guirao. / Servimedia


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