The SGAE presents Cultura Revista, a digital publication of trends

Madrid, Sep 16 (EFE) .- Cultura Revista SGAE is the name of the quarterly digital publication that the General Society of Authors and Editors has presented today to analyze the musical, audiovisual and scenic values ​​that are currently a trend.

"It will be a showcase for present and future talents," says Antonio Onetti, president of the SGAE, in a statement from the company, which today publishes the first issue of the magazine with a cover that pays tribute to flamenco.

The report "Fuego flamenco" offers a current vision of the genre through the voices of María José Llergo, Rocío Márquez, Cristian de Moret, Álvaro Romero, Rosario la Tremendita and David Lagos, with the contribution of flamencologist Juan Diego Martín Cabeza.

Other interviewees in the first issue of the magazine are the filmmaker Laura Hojman, the choreographer Jesús Carmona, the musicians Ángel Stanich, Baiuca, Dani and Mariagrep, the playwright Lola Blasco and the composer Raquel García-Tomás.

Antonio Onetti emphasizes that the magazine compiles "our cultural and territorial diversity, which will also be extended to our partners in Latin America".

Culture Magazine SGAE can be read on the website of the SGAE and other channels of the entity.


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