The SGAE Foundation pays homage to Adolfo Marsillach – La Provincia

The SGAE Foundation pays homage to Adolfo Marsillach - La Provincia

The SGAE Foundation presented this Tuesday, coinciding with the day on which it was 17 years after its death, the complete work of Adolfo Marsillach, an act through which you have wanted recognize his contribution to both the theater and the classical scene.

The event was used to present the book – edited by Pedro Víllora and with a prologue by Mercedes Lezcano – in which all the works of the dramatist are collected, an author who had an ingenious sense of humor -refined and ironic- and that he was ahead of his time.

The book brings together works such as' I go down in the next, and you? ',' Mata-Hari ',' Process Mata-Hari ',' Attic sold ',' Happy anniversary ',' The Chinese lounge ',' Strange announcement 'or' Night of Kings without Shakespeare ', works that are still present today.

Marsillach, who He served as an actor, director, producer or writer, always defended the motto 'I am not naive enough to think that theater can transform society, but I am convinced that there is a possibility of helping to awaken it'.

Therefore, he turned his works into something fun and erotic, always swam against the current and felt a weakness for the losers. First of all, Marsillach was a free, honest, rebellious, mocking and skeptical person. He also knew how to create a certain barrier, through which he managed to hide, to a certain extent, his tenderness.

In addition, he left as one of his great contributions, the creation of National Classical Theater Company, of which it was its maximum responsible in the periods 1986-89 and 1992-97.

Marsillach was recognized with awards such as the National Management Award, the Interpretation Award of the San Sebastian Festival, the Maytre Prize, the National Theater Award, the ADE Award, the Prize Goya, the Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts or the Max Honor Award. In addition, he also received, within the literature, the Espasa del Humor Award or the Comillas Award

Theater to promote the social and accessible participation of the elderly

His daughter, Blanca Marsillach, tries to keep her father's legacy in a practical and accessible way, as he wanted. Hence, the project 'Between verses and Marsillach', created three years ago by his company and through which a group of twelve seniors from social centers carried out a dramatized interpretation of the verse, which has the image of Adolfo Marsillach projected. It is an adaptation of Mónica Buiza to the tribute that the author himself made in 1997 to the great poets of the Golden age Spanish.


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