The SGAE encourages the population to sing on their balconies - La Provincia

The General Society of Authors and Editors (SGAE) encourages in a statement to the entire population to continue singing from the balconies, from the windows, or from any place where confinement allows it during the Alarm state to stop the spread of the coronavirus. "Because singing has no cost, but it is invaluable, especially for those who suffer directly the virus or for those who fight on the front line against its consequences, "he says.

According to the SGAE, the songs that, every night, unite millions of citizens are part of the collective memory of the Spanish and function as a link that reinforces the state of mind. "Popular songs like 'Resistiré' by the Dynamic Duo or 'Sobreviviré' by Mónica Naranjo, along with many other traditional melodies, have become hymns that reinforce us psychologically in the face of adversity, "he adds.

The SGAE wants, in this sense, congratulate the authors of these songs and value the social function that for a country represents an activity such as artistic creation, and in this case, musical composition.

In this sense, he recalls that the world of culture, like many other sectors, is being "hit hard" by the Covid-19 crisis and the general reaction of the creators has been "share the best he has: his talent and his repertoire, through multiple initiatives on social networks and digital platforms, offering free concerts, performances, films, plays ... ".

Finally, he stresses that the collection of copyrights for these music-based citizen initiatives has not been raised now, in any case, nor has it ever happened in the past.


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