The sexual fantasy of a ‘First Dates’ diner: “I’d like to spread it on macaroni”

First DatesHe lived this week one of the dates with the greatest connection. Two of the singles the show met at the restaurant were a match from the get-go. So much so that they were encouraged to talk about things like sexual preferences.

Paula went to the format presented by Carlos Sobera considering itself very ‘hot’. On this issue he agreed with Jorge, a boy who recognized that the sex It was something very important to him in relationships: “I love rough sex, I love having sex, really …”, confessed.

From the first moment they did not hesitate to talk about the subject bluntly: “The Extremaduran bull is quite hot, has a lot of strength and comes with everything.” “Me too”, assured the girl.

The two diners were also interested in the food. Jorge asked her if she dropped preferred and she recognized that the pasta. In addition, he explained that it had a certain relationship with what he would do to the boy if they end up together: “I would love to put him in bed, spread it with macaroni with its tomato sauce and suck it from the big toe, to the last hair of the head, I would suck it, “he explained in detail.


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