April 18, 2021

The sexiest edition of ARCO

The sexiest edition of ARCO

This morning the House of America of Madrid has awakened with all the Peruvian artistic wealth inside its walls on the occasion of the presentation of the ARCO fair. The one that remains one of the most important cultural events on the contemporary art scene, this year has been chosen by Peru as a guest country to, among other things, show and promote from February 27 to March 3 a production linked to the Pre-Columbian past that coexists in the present with an artistic scene of young creative creators deeply active.

The general director of Ifema, Eduardo López-Puertas, the still director and the assistant director of the Carlos Urroz and Maribel López Fair together with the Peruvian ambassador Claudio de la Fuente, have starred in the kick-off of an edition that starts as soon as less, promising, as Urroz predicts: "This year's edition is a very diverse project, inclusive, varied, extensive and one of the sexiest of the decade in the ludic and hedonistic sense of the word. People will want to come, but also stay. " For his part, Eduardo López added that from Ifema they feel very proud to have the privilege of hosting a Fair like this consecutively.

The international interest that Latin America raises is precisely one of the main strengths with which they wanted to play in order to position it as one of the most important artistic centers in the world. In line with the traditional creative process of the country, ARCO will set up an Institutional Stand within the fairground to raise the idea of ​​developing Peruvian art and will enable the "Peru in ARCO" space where the curator of the fair, Sharon Lerner, has carried out a thorough selection of 24 artists belonging to the most international generation of the moment. "Fragility and tactility are very present elements in the chosen proposals. Often from the exploration of the body, as in performances and drawings or through materials such as textiles and clay.

The art of weaving and knotting is universal and found in ancestral traditions, it is the basis of certain forms of modern art, and in this way it raises interesting reflections of conceptual and technical nature from the strategies of contemporary art, "he says. This incessant artistic amalgam will delight lovers of creativity throughout the month of February in line with the argument defended by Maribel López when she talks about "traveling through time through exhibitions". Some exhibitions, which the main museums and art centers of the Madrid capital will use to complement the proposals outside the pavilions and venues of the Fair and thus expand the vision of the Peruvian plastic culture in its various facets.

In this way, the Prado Museum will present a painting that represents the religious and political alliances between the Incas and the Jesuits Through "The Marriage of Martín de Loyola and Mrs. Beatriz Clara Coya Ñusta", Matadero will host the exhibition entitled "Amazonas", the Conde Duque Cultural Center will screen "Video-translations: Looks x Spaces" and Reina Sofía will exhibit "Avant-garde Networks: Amauta and América Latina, 1926-1930 "on the Latin American intellectual movement with artists of indigenismo. Likewise, Claudio de la Fuente wanted to highlight the great work of all those minds and those hands that have worked tirelessly to reach this final result. "Peruvians know that we are united by great and wonderful links to Spain and I hope this will help consolidate them even more", he assures at the end of the presentation with the conviction of who knows that words do not always get blown by the wind.


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