Sat. Jul 20th, 2019

The Sevillian singer Adriana Moragues inaugurates a new edition of 'Patios En (Canados)'

The Sevillian singer Adriana Moragues inaugurates a new edition of 'Patios En (Canados)'

Five musical proposals of different nature offers the poster of the new edition of the activity'Patios In (Sung)', an initiative promoted by theLeon-Castle House-Museum, space that manages theCabildo of Gran Canaria in Telde.

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The SevilleAdriana Moragues, the tinerfeñaIda Susal, Gran CanariaLajalada, theAtlántida group, and Gema Cuéllar, from Malaga, each with a very defined and differentiated style, star in the different musical events that will begin on March 23, at 8:00 pm, with the concert starring Adriana Moragues. All concerts are open access until full capacity is reached.

The Sevillian Adriana Moragues, 32 years old, has changed her engineering notes by singing the letters she gave to her during her teaching hours.

With his debut album'Vertices', produced by Basilio Martí, musician of Antonio Vega and Quique González, among others, and edited by Valparaíso Ediciones, was presented on stage. For two years, and in a joint tour with the poet Elvira Sastre, she has hung the sold-out poster for several cities in Spain and has participated in international musical literary events such as the Bogota Book Fair or the International City Poetry Encounter. Mexico 2015, with great success, as well as in conferences at various universities in the United States such as North Georgia University, Emory University and Hofstra University. He debuted in 2018 in the literary world with 'What I could not tell you', a story in which feelings beat strongly and music envelops every moment. An urban and very close novel about the difficult art of recognizing our own path in life.

Considered one of the most promising emerging Andalusian talents, Moragues has received several awards in singer-songwriter contests. In 2017, the Junta de Andalucía awarded him the Young Prize of Seville in recognition of his career. In 2018 he presents a new musical album and makes a leap in his professional career to enter the literary world with his first novel: 'What I could not tell you'.

An initiative with its own history

Theinitiative 'Patios En (Canados)'of the aforementioned center dependent onMinistry of Culture of the Cabildo de Gran Canariait is inspired by the Telden tradition of the evenings of sung poems. One of the places where these events took place was precisely the patio of the birthplace and residence of the poet Montiano Placeres Torón, currently integrated into the architectural ensemble of the Casa-Leon and Castle Museum. This same patio is now recovered as a stage to welcome artists and the public.

OwnMontiano Placeres, with his guitar, he played music with local poets, like his uncles Julián and Saulo Torón, and also with Lorca, the Machado brothers and, of course, with Juan Ramón Jiménez, who was his great idol. The singer-songwriters that will give life to this new cycle of 'Patios En (Canados)' of the House-Museum León y Castillo deTeldeThey therefore resume that artistic and musical tradition with concerts in an intimate format of voice, guitar or piano that fits perfectly to the chosen stage and that has been devised to attract music fans of all ages.


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