The Sevillian livestock of Conde de la Maza disappears | Culture

The Sevillian livestock of Conde de la Maza disappears | Culture

The cattle farmer of Sevillian cattle Leopoldo de la Maza Ybarra, Count de la Maza, has sent his livestock entirely to the slaughterhouse, except a lot of cattle sold to a private individual, as confirmed by the breeder himself.

"It had been maturing for a long time and it was decided that when this year's season was over, everything would be over," De la Maza confessed, adding that the process began last year "sending many cows to the slaughterhouse and to popular festivities."

De La Maza, who will keep El Hierro and his cattle rights in the name of the family company, has confessed that they have not been wanting to resume the livestock race. "I am tired and I do not feel like it, I could have stayed with some cattle and deal with them, but this is impossible, this is how it is, the bullfighters want to fight what they want to fight and the businessmen want to buy what they want to buy," he said. .

The antecedents of the cattle that grazed in the historic Cortijo de Arenales of the Sevillian term of Morón de la Frontera appear in the first purchases of cattle in the 30s of the 20th century by Leopoldo de la Maza, Count de la Maza, grandfather of the Last rancher.

In the hands of his son of the same name and title, the cow acquired a poster and the definitive character, especially from the purchase of a tip of cattle of Núñez origin, which, added to the previous cattle, gave definitive personality to the livestock, which It was directed by Leopoldo de la Maza Ybarra since the death of the previous count in July 2002.

The livestock of the Conde de la Maza, which was advertised in the posters, fought its last bullfight on August 15 in the Madrid town of Cenicientos, in a sign that included the bullfighters Octavio Chacón, Alberto Lamelas and José Carlos Venegas.

One of his last livestock successes in the Plaza de la Maestranza was in the run of the Corpus of 2014, when a bull of his livestock, grappled as a hat, led to a great task starring the right-handed Pepe Moral.


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