January 18, 2021

The Seville is complicated before the Slavia | sports

The Seville is complicated before the Slavia | sports

The crisis of Seville He continued in the Europa League, his fetish competition. It was no use to score a goal in the first minute, an ideal setting to calm the spirits of a team in decline. Slavia, pure physical strength, scored two goals very fortunate in the first half to get a 2-2 that makes things very difficult for the Andalusians. Sevilla will have to go to Prague with a very complicated result, product of a bad enough first time of Machín and a much better second, where he had a huge absence of efficiency. Sevilla, especially Munir, had up to eight clear goal opportunities, but it is a team prey to anxiety and that was noticed at the time of the definition. The 2-2 is not a good result, but it is not a disaster either. The results that are being seen in European competitions show that the results can be flipped with some ease. The result, also, puts in a delicate situation Pablo Machín, a technician who has dropped a team that was like a shot in the first round. However, despite his weakness, Sevilla does not seem to be dead. Your players are committed and should improve a lot in both areas. For example, in the image of Kjaer, who after a very weak first time played a spectacular second act. Of course, a defeat against Real Sociedad would almost certainly lead to the dismissal of Machín.

Seville, 2-Slavia Prague, 2

Seville: Vaclik (Soriano, m.45); Navas, Kjaer, Sergi Gómez, Wöber (Mesa, m.46); Banega (Promes, m.76), Rog, Sarabia; Munir and Ben Yedder. Not used: Amadou, Carriço, Gil and André Silva.

Slavia: Kolar; Coufal, Deli, Kudela, Boñl; Stoch, Kral (Ngadeu-Ngadjul, m.80), Traoré, Souçek, Zmrthal (Skoda, m.73); and Masopust (Olayinka, m.60). Not used: Kovar; Husbauer, Zeleny and Frydych.

Goals: 1-0. M. 1. Ben Yedder. 1-1. M. 25. Stoch. 2-1. M. 28. Munir. 2-2. M. 39. Kral.

Referee: Ruddy Buquet (FRA). He admonished Coufal, Banega, Masopust and Souçek.

Sánchez Pizjuán. 30,698 spectators.

The whistles dismissed the Sevilla players at halftime. A dense cloud of concern looms over a team that accumulates symptoms of absolute fall. Al Sevilla keeps, for the moment, the punch of their strikers. Lacks vitality in the remaining aspects of the game. He does not have physical forcefulness or aggression, nor intensity in defense. To these evils joins the traditional bad luck that accompanies the teams in frank decadence. Only thus can it be explained that Slavia, a dynamic team and very strong in physical appearance, scored two goals without firing on goal. Two points of rebound that left very little the goals of Ben Yedder and Munir. The striker from Barcelona, ​​by the way, opened his goal scoring box as a Sevilla player.

The second goal of Slavia, Kral, summed up perfectly the bizarre state of things in Sevilla. A rude Wöber error in the clearance allowed the ball to bounce off Kral's shoulder. The player of Slavia lost sight of the ball, which drew an insurmountable parabola for Vaclik. The goalkeeper, in addition, was injured in the stretched to hit the stick and had to be replaced by Soriano. A three for one amazing in the height of bad luck. A misfortune, also, unknown in these parts and in the tournament where Sevilla had been intractable in this exercise. He had never received two goals at home the Andalusian team in the first half of a clash of his fetish competition. The team was unable to offer maturity to a game that was expensive in the minute one.

Sevilla can not be denied its intensity in the second half. Machín he strengthened the midfield and defensive errors did not emerge as in the first half. He dominated Sevilla and the Andalusian team, with a claw but a little anxious, began to chain one occasion after another. Munir had up to three clear goals and was not successful, as was the goal Kolar, who took an impossible ball to Ben Yedder. Slavia, much more timid, kept the tie miracle, while Sevilla, too accelerated, did not take fruit to their numerous arrivals to the rival area, made up to 15 shots over the Czech goal. In Prague, the five-time champion will have a new appointment with his European history. Only the victory or a tie for more than two goals would allow their access to the quarterfinals.

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