The Severo Ochoa ICU discharges a 71-year-old woman

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Severo Ochoa Hospital in Leganés released this Saturday Rosario, a 71-year-old woman sick with coronavirus, who has gone on to continue with her recovery in the hospitalization unit of the center.

The Severo Ochoa Hospital has released a video of the moment in which the patient, wearing a mask and a protective visor, left the ICU before the ovation of the unit's health personnel, who has applauded Rosario for "her strength and her struggle before the coronavirus ", have indicated hospital sources.

All ICU positions at the Severo Ochoa Hospital are filled and work is being done "at full capacity" to try to "save the lives of the patients most affected by the disease," they said from the center.

The Leganese hospital has seen its healthcare pressure drop in recent days in services such as emergencies, which have quadrupled its capacity for patient care, many of which have already been transferred to the field hospital set up by the Leganés City Council in the Carlos Sastre Sports Pavilion.

On the day of this Saturday, the hospital's Emergencies are occupied with 90 patients, of whom 72 are pending admission, have reported from the hospital center.

"These figures indicate, once again, the downward trend and are a good reference thermometer to check that the containment measures are working, at least for now," they have insisted since Severo Ochoa.


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