The seven active fires in Galicia destroy 3,000 hectares

Several forest firefighters work to extinguish the Cures fire, in Boiro. / brais lorenzo / efe

The alert remains active in Boiro and Ponte Caldelas and the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, demands that "the full weight of the Law" fall on those responsible for the intentional fires


The forest fires that have been devastating Galicia for days have remained unchanged in recent hours, with the maximum alert still in force in Boiro (A Coruña) and Ponte Caldelas (Pontevedra). As confirmed by the Consellería do Medio Rural with data collected until 1:30 p.m. this Saturday, the forest fires of this last week in Galicia have already burned more than 3,000 hectares.

In this serious scenario, the leader of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, demanded this Saturday that "the full weight of the Law" fall on those responsible for the fires since a large percentage are intentional.

The former president of the Xunta de Galicia has appealed to the public because their collaboration is "essential" to clarify these attacks on natural heritage, "which endanger lives."

As detailed from the Ministry, in Boiro the fire has already burned 1,200 hectares and has forced the eviction of some 700 people in Ribeira. Most of them were staying in a municipal camping site, and another 300 are sheltered in sports centers of the city council.

Four technicians, 47 agents, 87 fire brigades, 45 motorized pumps, 13 planes and 12 helicopters, in addition to the Military Emergency Unit, are working on this fire.

On the other hand, in Pontevedra there is concern about the fire declared this Friday in Ponte Caldelas, which has burned some 150 hectares and for which the alert 'Situation 2' has been declared. The Councilor for Security and Citizen Protection of Pontevedra, Eva Vilaverde, lamented "sadly" that the fire is in the A Fracha forest park, indicating that the mountain has been affected by the monoculture of eucalyptus and "a lack of ordering and absolute production.

Five technicians, 12 agents, 33 brigades, 26 motorized pumps, four shovels, eight planes and eight helicopters are working on this fire.

the mountain burns

The region has also been affected by other fires. Among them, the one declared in the parish of Saiar, in the municipality of Caldas de Reis, and which also affects Vilagarcía de Arousa, remains without progress, with 450 hectares burned, according to the latest estimates.

In Arbo, the fires declared this week remain controlled after burning some 82 hectares, while the area affected by the fire declared in Verín last Wednesday remains at 600 hectares and the Xunta has indicated that "it is evolving favorably towards its stabilization" and “no risk to population centers”.

Also in the province of Ourense, in A Mezquita, the forest fire declared in the parish of O Pereiro continues to be controlled. According to the latest estimates, some 150 hectares have been burned, while those in Maceda and Ponteareas have already been declared extinct, with 120.5 and 15.6 hectares affected, respectively.

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