March 8, 2021

The series of hospitals donate their equipment to medical centers for COVID-19

The health crisis due to the coronavirus has forced the suspension of the filming of several television series that take place in hospitals, such as Grey’s Anatomy or The Good Doctor, who have decided to donate the medical supplies used by their interpreters to real medical centers.

For example, the team of the well-known “Grey’s Anatomy” He has donated his robes and gloves to several California hospitals, which are beginning to run out of equipment to address new cases of COVID-19 infection.

Also the producers of “Station 19 ”, whose recording is suspended, delivered 300 N95 type masks to fire and emergency teams, as they are practically out of stock in the market due to the increase in their purchases, which has reduced the supplies of professionals who need these accessories in their day to day.

The fire department of the locality of Ontario (California, USA) thanked the donation of the masks on their social networks.

Likewise, producers of other health-themed fiction, “The Resident”They emptied the locker rooms of their studios to donate the material to the hospital centers in Atlanta (Georgia, USA), where the series is filmed.

“It is terrible to think that our doctors and nurses do not have adequate protection in hospitals and that they care for these highly contagious patients without protection,” series producer Amy Holden Jones told The Hollywood Reporter.

Jones and his partner David Hartley were in charge of delivering the materials.

“As soon as he got the message about the equipment needs, Hartley went to the studio, opened the cabinets, reviewed and collected all the materials,” the producer explained about a donation that included gloves, gowns, masks, caps, shoe covers, and supplies. from laboratory.

Another fiction, “New Amsterdam”, He also turned in his materials to the New York Department of Health and Bellevue Hospital, where the series is filming.

For his part “The Good Doctor”, Which is filmed in Vancouver (Canada), will deliver its equipment to local authorities. EFE


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