September 27, 2020

The SER opens its doors for World Radio Day | TV

Radio remains a universal medium 100 years after its arrival in homes. This Thursday celebrates World Radio Day and the SER chain He celebrates it with several open days – from February 12 to 15. Throughout the day listeners can go to the Gran Vía studios in Madrid, where they can visit the different programs and live the atmosphere of the chain.

Among the programs that listeners will be able to witness are Good to first, Day by day, 14 hour, SER Sports, Window, Hour 25, The spar, The lighthouse, Sports Carousel, To live, To live Madrid and humor The Modern Language Y Good goodism. Of the musical chains also listeners will come to Go now! Y From 40 to 1 (from LOS40), to dare yourself Y Dial As is (from Chain Dial) and Morning box (from LOS40 Classic). The SER chain ended the year 2019 as it began, being the most listened to radio in Spain. The PRISA Group chain improved its data and reinforced its leadership with 4,148,000 listeners, according to thel General Media Study (EGM). The data represents an improvement of 0.7% with respect to the previous EGM (4,119,000).

For the fourth consecutive year, and after the success of the previous editions, the listeners have received the day of the radio sending the requests to be able to know in first person everything that is behind the programs of the SER, as well as the work they do the journalists and technicians of the station. The rest of the listeners who for a matter of space in the studies have not got a place for these days may witness everything that happens through the radio and profiles in the social networks of the different formats.

In addition, within this celebration, the programs will offer the audience special content with the participation of the listeners. With this intention, the journalists Ángel Barceló, Carlos Herrera, Carlos Alsina and Íñigo Alfonso will participate in a round table this Thursday at 12.30 in the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Complutense Universes of Madrid.


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