June 15, 2021

The SER chain maintains its leadership as the most listened to radio | TV

The SER chain maintains its leadership as the most listened to radio | TV

The SER chain It reaches a daily average of 3,987,000 listeners in a context of remarkable growth of consumption of spoken radio, according to data from the first wave of the General Media Study (EGM) of 2019, released on Wednesday. All its programs occupy the first positions in their bands without exception, so that the PRISA radio station (editor of EL PAÍS) is a leader in news, sports, entertainment and humor. An absolute leadership from Monday to Sunday.

La Cope occupies the second position of the classification with 3,303,000 listeners, 684,000 less than the SER. The third position is for Onda Cero, with 2,005,000 listeners, almost two million less than the SER, and in fourth place is RNE, with an average of 1,389,000 listeners.

For Daniel Gavela, general director of SER, "it is excellent news that, when traditional media recede, spoken radio grows and consolidates as the means of greater credibility. What is good for radio is good for SER, which is the undisputed leader. "


Day by day, directed by Pepa Bueno and Toni Garrido, is still the most listened to program in the mornings. The morning magazine of the SER stands at 2,640,000 daily listeners. Herrera in Cope increases its number of followers (2,492,000). Follows them More than one, in Onda Cero (1,321,000), and The RNE mornings (1,072,000).

Hour 14, the news program directed by José Antonio Marcos increases his audience and reaches 520,000 followers. In the evening programs, Window, presented by Carles Francino, maintains its primacy with 809,000 listeners from Monday to Friday.

In the evening news, Hour 25, with Àngels Barceló, leads with 971,000 listeners from Monday to Friday, ahead of Flashlight (881,000). The lighthouse, by Mara Torres, reaches 255,000 listeners, leading the early rises. First of all, by Marina Fernández, is also the leader in her band, with 107,000 listeners daily from Monday to Friday from 4.30 to 6.00. On the weekend, To live that is two days, by Javier del Pino, recorded an important audience growth, both on Saturday (1,989,000 listeners) and on Sunday, with 1,723,000, exceeding the previous wave in more than 200,000 listeners.

The sports programs of the SER also lead the Spanish radio. The spar, by Manu Carreño, reaches an audience of 771,000 listeners every night. Sports carousel leads on weekends and congregates 1,476,000 listeners on Saturdays and 1,715,000 on Sundays: in any homogeneous schedule improves the records of its main competitor, Game time, in the Cope. In the same time slot, this last program is followed on Saturdays by 1,417,000 fans and on Sundays it obtains 1,490,000.

As for music radio, The 40 leads the classification with 2,735,000 daily listeners, 763,000 listeners more than the second, Cadena 100. Go now!, the alarm program of Los 40, with Dani Moreno and Cristina Boscá, is the leader in its band with 1,518,000 listeners. Cadena Dial reaches the figure of 1,958,000 followers, the third musical radio in Spain. Radiolé gets 439,000 followers. Los 40 Classic debuts with 468,000 followers, 5% more than the last data obtained by M80 Radio before saying goodbye.

In the radio that is listened to through the Internet, SER is also the undisputed leader. Cadenaser.com has 6,074,000 unique users, according to comScore data from February 2019. This figure is almost two million more than its first competitor, the Cope website.

EL PAÍS, leader of the general press

The EGM, which also evaluates the audience of the written media, gives EL PAÍS the absolute leadership among the general information newspapers, with a daily average of 1,011,000 readers. This newspaper is the only one that exceeds one million followers.

After EL PAÍS remains The world, with 687,000 readers. The vanguard it reaches 553,000, The voice of Galicia sum 520,000, Abc gets 430,000 and The reason, 228,000. In front of this newspaper are placed The newspaper (361,000), The mail (315,000), The New Spain (271,000) and Faro de Vigo (236,000). The free 20 minutes reaches 651,000.

Among the sports press, Brand (framed in Unidad Editorial, the publishing company of The world) registers 1,744,000 followers, while Ace (from the PRISA group), it reaches 854,000. Expansion (Unidad Editorial) heads the economic newspapers with 134,000 readers and Cinco Días (PRISA) obtains 38,000.

XL Weekly, the weekend supplement of Vocento that is distributed with about twenty newspapers, is the most read, with 1,572,000 followers. Next they appear Woman Today, from the same group, with 886,000 and The weekly country, with 818,000.


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