June 17, 2021

The SEPE reminds that those affected by ERTE’s undue charges must return the money within 30 days or a surcharge will be applied.

The State Public Employment Service (SEPE) has recalled this Thursday what is the procedure for cases of improper charges in unemployment benefits, especially due to errors derived from the processing of ERTE, which are being claimed these days by the agency public. Once the SEPE has notified the affected party of the request for undue collection,the interested person has 30 business days to carry out this procedure, without surcharges or interest if it is carried out within the corresponding period “, the agency warns in a note. The surcharge in case of not paying in that month is 20% of the amount owed.

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During these days, the SEPE is verifying the unemployment benefits paid to the workers who were in ERTE and, in some cases, the amounts paid were higher than the corresponding ones. “In certain ERTE benefits it is possible that, when consulting the receipt, you will see an improper charge that is not real and that will disappear when the pertinent adjustments are made. It is recommended to check the status of the benefit again later, to verify that the situation has been regularized “.

If a person continues to collect the ERTE benefit, the undue charges made by the public body will be adjusted in the following monthly installments of the benefit. But, if those affected receive a notification from the SEPE that claims this amount received, they must claim or pay within the period required by the Administration so that the money owed does not increase any more (even if they have received it due to an error that is not attributable to the citizen ).

How to return the money without surcharges

The SEPE website has a section on “Improper charges and refunds”, in which several frequently asked questions are addressed in this regard. The first thing to know is that the deadlines begin to run once the agency notifies the affected party of this improper charge and claims the amount. SEPE sources explain that this communication is made “by certified postal letter” and that “whoever has a DNI / certificate / CL @ VE can check their notifications at SEPE headquarters” through the internet.

Once the improper charge has been notified to the citizen, there is a period of ten days from receipt of the communication to be able to present allegations if you do not agree with the requirement. “After said period, if their allegations are not upheld, the Provincial Directorate will issue a resolution stating that it has received an improper charge and the amount thereof,” explains the SEPE.

If you agree with the amount to be returned or the SEPE rejects the allegations presented, the affected party has a period of 30 business days to pay the amount owed “from the notification of the resolution of the undue collection.” The deposit must be made “into the account that the SEPE will indicate in the same notification,” the agency explains.

Failure to pay the required amount within that period of one month will mean an increase in the amount owed to the Administration for the affected party, with a surcharge of “20%”.

The return can be divided

In the event that a person cannot pay the amount required by the SEPE within 30 days, You can request the fractionation of the subscription. The maximum term of the SEPE recalls that “its approval will entail the application of the corresponding late payment interest”, that is, that you must pay interest for depositing the money later.

In this sense, it is important that the affected person requests the fractioning of the payment before the aforementioned 30 days have elapsed from the notification of the SEPE, since “if he makes the request for fractionation after the voluntary period, the amount owed will be increased with the surcharges legally established “, that is, with that 20% increase.


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