September 25, 2020

The SEPE launches a form for those who are not affected by ERTE to request unemployment

After completing the pre-application, a manager of the Public Employment Service will contact the user “in the next few days” to formalize the request

The situation of those affected by ERTE and the self-employed seems to be gradually clarifying. The big question was how those who were fired and did not have the minimum contribution period, or those who did not have keys or a digital certificate to carry out the process, would access the unemployment. Today the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) has made available to the unemployed who are not affected by records of temporary employment regulation (ERTE) a form to pre-apply for unemployment benefit. This is shown by SEPE in a message on Twitter in which it explains that once that pre-application has been received, a manager of the Public Employment Service will contact the user “in the next few days” to formalize the request for unemployment benefit. When accessing the link, the SEPE specifies that the “Form is not a final request”, just a previous procedure.

The data required in the form are the name and surname, DNI, direct debit, province and town. Like contact details, a phone and an email, and finally a request statement. The SEPE offices are closed to the public as a result of the state of alarm for the Covid-19 coronavirus and it is being attended through different free phones, whether they are companies or citizens. However, phone lines are “saturated”, as reported yesterday by SEPE, given that they are processing, in addition to the ordinary, benefits for those affected by the many ERTE that are occurring. In the tweet published today by SEPE, many of the user responses were complaints about the platform malfunction and doubts about when they can access the service and collect it.

On the other hand, for those who are entitled to the extension of the unemployment benefit, they will not have to apply for it, the payment will be maintained after the six months and the annual declaration of income will not be required for the recipients of the subsidy for unemployed people over 52 years of age.


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