The SEPE and the SCE seek formulas to avoid blockages in unemployment benefits

Image of an employment office of the SCE in Arrecife de Lanzarote. / CARRASCO

They are studying measures such as having requested an appointment to register as a plaintiff serves to compute the term

Silvia Fernandez

The State Public Employment Service (SEPE) and the Canarian Employment Service (SCE) are looking for formulas to try to
prevent delays in receiving unemployment benefits of those citizens who come to request their payment without having previously registered as jobseekers.

Among other measures
is being studied that if a citizen can justify that he has requested an appointment at the SCE to register as a job seeker, this will serve him for the term and thus not consume the period, according to sources close to the organization yesterday. «
The watchword is that everything possible be done to prevent benefits from being denied as they are not registered as job seekers », indicate these sources.

The Social Security Law obliges people who are going to apply for unemployment benefits (due to dismissals or cessation of work activity, among others) to previously register as a job seeker.
SEPE is responsible for payment of the benefit (state body that carries passive employment policies) and, to process the registration that validates that the person is actively seeking employment, the SCE (body of the autonomous community).

Before the pandemic, those people who, due to confusion or ignorance, went directly to the SEPE, without having previously processed their registration as a job seeker in the SCE, found that the state body "forwarded" them to the Canary Islands Employment Service in a procedure internally and on the fly the procedure was carried out, managing the benefit at the time.

During the pandemic, this procedure even improved and the SEPE was in charge of directly registering the staff while processing the benefit. Then the SEPE sent the lists of people to the SCE and that's it.

Since August 1 this has changed and the SEPE no longer makes automatic registrations. So far this month, the people who have gone to the SEPE to request unemployment benefit without their corresponding registration have found a 'stop' in the collection while waiting to make an appointment at the SCE and carry out this procedure. It is estimated that some 1,500 people are affected, according to different sources consulted.

These sources insist that the instructions come from the SCE, although a statement was sent from this body yesterday in which it is ensured that it was the SEPE that proposed this change and that it was agreed on July 13 at plenary session number 75 of the Coordination and Monitoring Commission of the SISPE (National Employment System), of which the autonomous communities and the State form part.

It is a decision originated in the SEPE and applicable throughout Spain in which the SCE is but one of the numerous State agencies that has supported the desirable return to normality of the service for job seekers, within the spirit of maximum collaboration that has always been presided over the relationship between both organizations", is indicated in the note.

Yesterday, the SCE called for calm in the face of the risk that delays in deadlines may entail going to the SEPE, to redirect you to the SCE and then return to the SEPE.

As assured from the SCE
the 15 business days that there is a term to request the benefit without consuming the period is “margin to spare» to process the benefit on time. “They are not at risk of losing any payment,” it is indicated.

With this objective, the SEPE is looking for formulas to prevent citizens in this situation from losing benefit days, as indicated above.

The general secretary of UGT Public Services in Gran Canaria, Gustavo Martíndemands greater coordination between public administrations in favor of the citizen.

He points out that although the rule establishes that it is the SCE who must register the applicants, it should be maintained that the SEPE can carry out this procedure when a citizen comes to request the benefit and has not taken the previous step. «The citizen does not understand and often does not know that he has to go first to an administration for one thing and then to another. The public service should be there to make life easier for citizens, not to complicate it », he indicates.

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