October 24, 2020

The sensory journey of ‘Kleos Doramas’

This hybrid project has as a second stop the Doramas Park, in The Gran Canarian palms, programmed by Salan Producciones for the 24th edition of the Temudas Festival, but postponed to its next edition in 2021 due to the health situation. However, The Kleos Doramas application is now available for free for iOS and Android, where it provides a virtual tour of gastro-musical trails through the history of its 7,000 plants and 2,227 different species.

The essence of Kleos Doramas, in the words of Sergio Rodriguez, CEO of Nomad Garden, is based on an invitation to rediscover urban gardens as “a space for dialogue between nature and culture” through creative associations of melodies and flavors inspired by the plant species that mark the different itineraries outlined in the Doramas Park .

The Canary Islands have a unique botanical wealth that, in addition, is a double wealth: on the one hand, it has very unique endemisms and its own biota; and on the other hand, it is a place with a cosmopolitan connection of the first order, so we were very interested in exploring and deepening those connections between the botanical and the cultural within the historical and cosmopolitan narrative of the city and the island of Gran Canaria “says Rodríguez.

The compass of this journey consists of the free download Kleos Doramas app on the mobile phone, which geolocates the visitor’s steps and lights up the universe of each plant to listen to its music through its own sound loop that refers to its original area or ecosystem primal. This translation of the botanical landscape into a musical landscape, designed by Antropoloops, wraps the bamboos in melodic fragments of East Asia or the myrtles in sounds of the Mediterranean, for example, since it allows the different sound fragments to be overlapped and generate a unique polyphonic remix to starting from the routes that line the park.

For his part, the chef Jacobo Llarena enrich the palate of this trip with a Exclusive gastronomic proposal based on the flavors and aromas that cover the different spices of Doramas. “This is a work of connection and the objective is to awaken the maximum possible connections with nature,” says Rodríguez. “And gastronomy is one of its great vectors due to the varied relationship of spices that we find throughout the planet, where the Canary Islands have had a lot to do with”.

From this fusion of sensations, the visitor can choose to access and delve into different levels of information associated with each floor through the content map designed by Nomad Garden in the web version. “These stories are intertwined like an exquisite corpse that reconstructs the trajectory of each plant, which goes beyond the scientific story towards an avant-garde story where some species are calling others to establish a fragmentary, but always rich story, which allows coding other experiences that cultures have treasured over time and that we want to revitalize ”, he adds.

Therefore, this experience draws “circular or round trips of various levels through this mixture of listening and flavor”, which culminates in Doramas Park with a Anthropoloops concert that reels melodies from the Mediterranean and South America inspired by the stories of the capital’s flora.

“Kleos Doramas has a scientific starting point in the sense of identifying and locating everything in the garden,” explains Rodríguez.


The multidisciplinary team at Nomad Garden, with the collaboration of Datrik Intelligence in the programming, has designed this project exclusively for Doramas Park over 11 months “in which we have been questioning and listening to the plants,” says Rodríguez. “Kleos Doramas has a scientific starting point in the sense of identifying and locating everything in the garden,” he continues. “But the most exhaustive work has been developed with historians, musicologists, biologists and environmental scientists to elaborate an account of those spices, from colors to aromas; about culture, from its origin to the history of its arrival in the Canary Islands, its discovery, its relationships and its denominations; and on the environment ”.

The result of this trip, hosted in a web archive, is continue enriching themselves with collaborations and private contributions, as well as expanding to other natural spaces on the Island and creating “an atlas of gardens”, with its own miscellany of aromas, music and stories to discover.

From Seville to Gran Canaria

The first essay of the Kleos project, conceived to rethink cities as gardens of coexistence, saw the light under the name Kleos Sevilla, with a large urban exhibition sponsored within the framework of the Jardín Cosmopolita de Luces de Barrio (2018), promoted by the Area of Culture of the Seville City Council. The second prototype is Kleos Doramas, developed in collaboration with Jacobo Llarena and Salan Producciones for the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council, under the umbrella of the Temudas Festival. From the gardens of the Alcázar of Seville as a starting point, Kleos Sevilla has followed its itinerary through the community until completing an atlas of gardens that includes more than 180,000 plants. Sergio Rodríguez, from Nomad Garden, emphasizes that Kleos is conceived as “a laboratory work with the possibility of updating and growing, and that remains a legacy for each territory that allows showing and exploring the different dimensions that these spaces treasure”. In addition, this project has been selected at the VI Culture and Citizenship Meeting, promoted by the Ministry of Culture, where Kleos was chosen among the 13 finalists out of a total of 260 applicants, and that the team will defend in San Sebastián next November. | NN


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