June 21, 2021

The Senate urges the Government to 'support and respect' hunting and bullfighting | Culture

The Senate urges the Government to 'support and respect' hunting and bullfighting | Culture

The Senate Plenary has urged the Government – with the favorable votes of PP, PSOE, Asturias Forum and Union of the Navarre People and the abstention of Citizens – to set in motion a set of measures to "recognize, support and respect" the "traditions" "of hunting and bullfighting in Spain.

Specifically, it requests the Government to prepare a National Hunting Strategy and a National Plan for Bullfighting because both sectors are part of the "cultural heritage" and the "concern" for the "attacks" and "prejudices" they suffer, according to exposed the senator of the PP Tomás Burgos.

The motion approved by 196 votes in favor, 46 against (three of the PP) and two abstentions, is the result of an interpellation presented by the popular parliamentary group in the Senate, following the statements of the Minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, in which he stated that if it depended on it, he would prohibit hunting and bullfighting.

The text "recognizes" the value of hunting as an "essential" management tool for biodiversity, Spanish ecosystems and endangered species.

The proposal urges the Government to implement several measures to recognize the importance of hunting in the whole of Spain and "especially" in rural areas for its socio-economic impact and its role against depopulation. Among them, it proposes the elaboration of a National Strategy of Hunting Management to order a national hunting use and asks the Executive to meet with the representatives of both sectors to listen to their demands.

On the other hand, the initiative approved in the plenary session of the upper chamber recognizes "the strategic value of bullfighting" for its contribution to creating and maintaining employment, curbing rural depopulation and for its "commitment" to the conservation of biodiversity.

At the same time, the text emphasizes that it is an "artistic manifestation imbricated in traditional and popular culture as a hallmark of Spain's own identity as well as respect, from the individual freedom, of those Spaniards involved in it, either directly or as a spectator" .

Therefore, the Chamber urges the Government to promote a National Plan of Bullfighting with measures of promotion and protection related to the economic, social and environmental sustainability of this activity.


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