The Senate urges the Government to pay 9,362 million euros to the autonomies for the covid fund

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All have also agreed that the crisis unleashed by COVID increases health costs, which have increased with the higher energy cost caused by the War in Ukraine

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The plenary session of the Senate today urged the Government to pay the Autonomous Communities the fund for the expenses of the COVID of
9,362 million euros that was approved in the General Budgets of 2022 thanks to an amendment by Junts x Catalunya (JxCat) and that, according to the executive, is impossible to carry out.

The votes of the nationalist groups, together with those of the PP (with the abstention of VOX) have carried out the motion, proposed by JxCat.

This formation incorporated in November 2021 to the 2022 General State Budget Law, through an amendment approved in the Commission of
Congress budgets, an extraordinary Covid fund to help the autonomous communities to deal with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Of the total cited, 1,600 million are for Catalonia.

Most of the senators participating in today's debate have agreed in pointing out, in one way or another, that
this afternoon's motion should not have been necessarysince the item is part of the law published in the BOE and must be executed.

All have also agreed that the crisis unleashed by COVID increases health costs, which have increased with the higher energy cost caused by
the ukrainian war.

“It is clear that the serious effects of COVID and the war in Ukraine affect us. The pandemic continues, the health crisis continues and health services must be strengthened and active policies launched to boost the economy as before 2019", explained the senator from JxCat Assumpció Castellví.

The popular senator by regional appointment Juan Serrano López, who today has said goodbye to his position to make room for the president of the party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has stated the
your group's support for the motion.

"The socialist senators have the opportunity to vote in favor of the proposal and show how much they love their land and how much they are committed to respecting the law,
because this provision is in the General State Budgets approved by the Cortes«has pointed out.

The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, pointed out in her day that
“technically it is not possible” to execute the autonomous covid fund which was included in the 2022 Budgets with the aforementioned amendment.

The JxCat senator responded to this today with a rhetorical question: «When they say that it is impossible to execute, I ask... aren't they ashamed? To spy on independentistas they have funds, but to guarantee the Welfare State, no?”

The socialist senator Heredia Díaz has closed the debate pointing out that
“More jobs have never been created and of better quality than with Pedro Sánchez» and "no other government has dedicated more funds to the autonomies than this one."

“The proponent group presented an amendment that had an error and is therefore impossible to implement, and you know it. In any case, if they talk to me about extraordinary funds for the war... why did they vote against the decree of extraordinary measures?

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