The Senate says no to transfer the Lady to Elche permanently

Lady of Elche at the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid

Lady of Elche at the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid

The Lady must not return to Elche “permanently”, At least for the moment. This was approved by the Senate Culture Commission, which has rejected a motion to urge the central government to permanently transfer the Lady of Elche to her native population. The Socialist Group has voted against. For the local PP “this shows the null weight of the PSOE of Elche”. The Popular Group has abstained from voting, which has been settled with 12 votes against, 11 abstentions and two in favor: Compromís, promoter of the proposal, and the PNV.

The motion emanated mainly from the Senator of Compromís Carles Mulet, who has been trying for many months to unblock this situation for the return of the bust with different initiatives, work that other progressive political forces have also been doing for years, with more or less intensity. “The position of the PP remains firm: We continue working for a temporary assignment, but we will not hinder any return attempt: in the Senate Culture Commission, the vote that urges the Government to permanently transfer the Lady of Elche to her original population, “the popular ones indicate in any case.

At the end of the session, Mulet spoke clearly: “They have no problem changing their criteria and always against the will of our people. They are not to be trusted”, All this after the Culture Commission met again today after days ago the voting on the motions was suspended” in a grotesque way “just at the time when the Compromís motion on the Return of the Dama d’Elx due to an irregularity by the PP, according to Compromís.

For the senator, the position of these groups is “unworthy”, especially “when the Botànic government is clear about the need to return to the town, the popular clamor in the town” and for “the inconsistency of their positions”, Having recently voted in favor of the return of the Lady of Baza.

Senator Mulet’s motion urged the central government to make effective immediately, in coordination with the regional and local administrations and permanently, the transfer of the sculpture of the Dama d’Elx currently located in the National Archaeological Museum, in Madrid, to be exhibited in the municipality of Elche ; make the necessary investment for the transfer to Elche land, with all the necessary security measures for its correct conservation and create a branch of the National Archaeological Museum in the city of Elche, which permanently houses the bust of the Lady d’Elx.

“Junts and PP have abstained. Citizens have not voted. ERC-Bildu who was not present today and the Basque Group was in favor of the return and Vox against.”What has changed in this time to make them behave like this?“Asked the Valencian senator.

MAN integrity

PP and PSOE held similar positions, appealing to one-off assignments and defending the integrity of MAN, while Compromís defended that this remarkable Iberian piece “should be in its place of origin as a patrimonial claim and to decentralize the historical-artistic assets, since when it returned to Spain during the dictatorship, it stayed in the museums of Madrid. Certain things seem untouchable “, indicate from Compromís

Finally, Mulet has rejected the position held by certain political parties in Elche on this issue. “The Mayor’s Office of Elche has come to settle for a supposed temporary exhibition, when the town and the site of La Alcudia should be its destination, since Elche and its patrimonial wealth cannot be understood without its Lady”, he added.

For her part, Esther Díez, mayor of Compromís in Elche and third deputy mayor in the Elche City Council, where this formation governs with the PSOE, has regretted that the vote in the Senate Committee on Culture to urge the central government to permanently return the Dama d’Elx was lost.

“We regret having missed the opportunity to jointly demand the return of the Iberian bust, as was achieved only a few weeks ago with the case of the Lady of Baza. We understand that all initiatives in favor of the Lady’s return are positive and what they do is contribute to make that claim before Madrid about the importance of decentralizing a first-rate cultural resource such as the Dama d’Elx ”.

Esther Díez has concluded by stating that Compromís will continue to demand that the Iberian bust come, “not only temporarily, but permanently. For Compromís, if the return of the Lady d’Elx temporarily is positive, still It would be even more so if it did it permanently ”.


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