The Senate rejects a motion of the PP to withdraw the Iberian wolf as a protected species

A group of wolves.

A group of wolves.

The plenary session of Senate has debated this Wednesday a motion presented by the PP on the livestock sector, which proposes to maintain the current hunting regulation of the Iberian wolf, and that will not go ahead, as it does not have a majority on the part of the parliamentary groups.

The motion, defended by the popular senator Jorge Martínez Antolin, proposes to withdraw the proposal of inclusion of the wolf within the List of Wild Species in the Special Protection Regime (Lespre), whose expected consequence is that it ceases to be a hunting species as of September 25.

The popular senator has framed the proposal on the wolf within a set of measures in favor of the livestock sector and in line with the proposals of the producers.

Hundreds of ranchers have gathered this Wednesday in Madrid at the headquarters of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (Miteco) to ask that the wolf not cease to be game species for the consequences they would have for their animals.

In the motion, the PP He has also requested the urgent convocation of the Milk Table to find solutions to the problems of cattle farming; annul the royal decree of transition towards the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) during 2021 and 2022; and one campaign for the protection of the image of the cattle activity.

The socialist group and the group Confederal Left have expressed their rejection of the motion, while the senators of the PNV, the nationalist group (JuntsxCat) and Esquerra-Republicana-Bildu have confirmed their abstention.

All these groups have agreed not to support the PP initiative, due to their disagreement with the mix of proposals, but on the point that affects the wolf, the PNV has expressed its rejection of the government's action. except the PSOE, the positions have been more nuanced.

Among the amendments presented to the motion that the rapporteur has rejected, Vox has proposed to further lower the current limits on wolf hunting "Below the south of the Duero".

Martínez Antolín (PP) has accused the Government of “deceiving” with its proposals regarding the wolf, in addition to insisting on the losses suffered by livestock from the attacks, which would be aggravated, in his opinion, if the species is integrated into the Lespre .

Ana Isabel Villar Lechón (PSOE) has defended a strategy for the conservation of the wolf that takes into account livestock activity and has described the motion as a "hodgepodge".

On the part of the Confederal Left, Koldo Martínez (Geroa Bai), has criticized the mixture of issues in the motion, including "the wolf and the cattle" and has assured that his group will remain vigilant to protect and compensate the ranchers for possible damages.

Juan Carlos Medina Martínez (Basque Group) has stressed that Miteco is acting "Behind the back of the sector and the autonomous communities" rSpeaking of protecting the wolf.

Josep Rufá (ERC) has indicated that the Generalitat of Catalonia is acting to prevent the damage of the canid in livestock, and the senator of JxCat (nationalist group) Teresa Rivero Segalás has said that coexistence is very difficult, so they are needed concrete answers. Jacobo González-Robatto (Vox) has stressed that there are no arguments to separate the north and south of the Duero when regulating wolf hunting and has asked the Government "to let the ranchers live."


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