The Senate approves a motion to include in the Budgets the reduction of VAT to 10% to hairdressers




A new turn in the fight in the hairdressing, barbershop and aesthetic sector to reduce the VAT on businesses from 21 to 10%. The Senate has approved a motion presented by the Popular Group in which the Government is urged to include this reduction in the next Budgets. Specifically, the measure has gone ahead with 147 votes in favor to 113 against. That is, all parties except the PSOE have passed the motion. It stands out that the PNV has supported the motion when in previous votes in the Congress of Deputies it showed its rejection.

It is not the first time that the Senate has approved the Government to lower VAT on hairdressers. At
month of June the Upper House
It carried out the reduction of the VAT of the hairdressers to 10%, a measure that was included in an amendment of the PP to the draft of the Government’s anti-fraud law. Then, the vote also had the support of all political groups, except the PSOE.

However, the following day the then president of the Senate, Pilar Llop, annulled said vote at the request of the Executive. Specifically, the president of the Upper House understood that this reduction affected the Budgets of 2021. In addition, she rejected the request of the PP, who appealed that the decision of Pilar Llop was against the law. A claim that was dismissed.

Now, we will have to wait whether or not the Government includes this tax cut. The PP spokesman in the Senate, Javier Maroto, explained that it will be necessary to see if “the PSOE will again fail to comply with an agreement adopted by a large absolute majority. The sector deserves the measure now.

Hairdressers have been fighting for the VAT reduction 10% since the pandemic began, with various demonstrations and rallies at the door of Congress. Today they have also come together to achieve their purpose.

The sector has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. Specifically, and according to its figures, the coronavirus crisis hit the hairdressing and aesthetic businesses hard, of which 30% have closed in a pandemic year and, if the VAT continues at 21%, 50% of the remaining could draw the blind.

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