May 30, 2020

The Seminci works in an edition with public in its main sections

The 65th Valladolid International Film Week, for which various scenarios are considered based on the pandemic, will be held as planned from October 24 to 31 under the premise of face-to-face audiences in the main sections of the festival.

“If there is no possibility of public, I would recommend the suspension until next year, not a postponement,” Angulo said during an interview with the Efe Agency in which he was in favor of holding the festival, “even if only with the 30 percent of the capacity of the rooms “.

These are the criteria that the director will soon transfer to the Governing Council of the Seminci, which is chaired by the mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente, as well as the current state of programming, on which he has declined to extend more out of respect for the directive bodies of the second oldest festival in Spain.

“We are working on a hybrid model: on the one hand face to face with the main sections: Official, Meeting Point, Time of History and DOC Spain; and on the other online with the retransmission (via streaming) of both minor sections and acts that previously had public “, has specified.

For Javier Angulo (Bilbao, 1943), at the helm of the Seminci since 2008 for twelve editions, an online festival “is not a festival and I think that we are the main ones in Europe, Cannes, San Sebastián and of course us”.

Of course, he added, in the case of Valladolid “we want to propose a festival where the safety of fans is above all,” with strict observance of rules that, just over five months after its celebration, “can lead us to suspend some complementary activities, “he added.

In any case, the degree of occupancy in the rooms that is tolerated, now 30 percent but that is expected to be 50 in October, “will condition everything” in a contest that already has advanced content as a result of work done remotely by the organization through virtual meetings.

Angulo is no stranger to a possible budget decrease by the institutions that make up the board, due to the current social and health emergency, not so in the case of the Valladolid City Council, head of the Seminci, he stressed before expressing his belief that all of them “are going to make a great effort”.

In the case of private sponsors, “they are going to need the visibility that a festival like the one in Valladolid can provide them to be able to return to the market”, who has also been a journalist, film critic, screenwriter and director has added.

Within this optimistic climate, he hopes that at least the guests from Europe will not have excessive problems, already in October, to go to Valladolid to promote their films, speak or share concerns with fans as is traditional in Seminci.

Regarding the future of the film industry after the coronavirus, Angulo does not hide his fear that the platforms that have offered series and films during the confinement end up imposing themselves and emptying theaters of public.

The platforms “are a torpedo in the waterline of distribution and exhibition in theaters,” he insisted on the need for fans not to desert.

In the case of Seminci, it does not want to lose the almost 100,000 spectators registered last 2019, nor the new ones that are yet to come, “and for this I will not hesitate to ask for important campaigns so that the prices” of the inputs, has given as an example.

“Despite the crisis, this is the occasion for those of us who love cinema not to stop going to theaters. There will be a hunger for consumption and I hope that the crisis is not an inconvenience. The pandemic is a phenomenon that will pass and leave marks, but I trust that at the end of the year, if there is not a new wave, little by little things will return to their being, “he reflected.

Roberto Jiménez


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