The self-employed will pay 5 euros more per month since 2019 and will have up to 2 years of unemployment – La Provincia

The self-employed will pay 5 euros more per month since 2019 and will have up to 2 years of unemployment - La Provincia

The Government and the main organizations ofself-employedhave closed on Wednesday an agreement that will introduce great news from January 1, 2019 oncontributions and social benefitsof these workers, about 3,200,000 in all of Spain.


The agreement, which will be approved by decree in the Council of Ministers next Friday, includes the increase of 1.25% of the minimum contribution base, up to 944.35 euros per month, and the rate of contribution will increase in 0.2 points, going from 29.8% to 30%, with what the autonomous natural persons will have to pay5.36 euros more per month (64 euros more per year) than what they currently pay, although in return they will receive greater protection.

In the case ofcorporate autonomous, the minimum base will be 1,214 euros and the monthly fee will rise by 6.8 euros compared to the current monthly and 82.68 euros per year.

The self-employed will quote from 2019 for all the contingencies that employees now contribute.


The self-employed workers will pay contributions from 1 January for professional contingencies, temporary disability, cessation of activity and training and, in exchange, their social protection conditions will be improved.They will stop contributing to Social Security from the second month in which they are out of workdue to illness or temporary incapacity and until the time of discharge and they will also have access to ongoing training.

Unemployment of the self-employed

The agreementIt makes access more flexible and extends the duration of the benefit due to cessation of activity, the so-called unemployment of the self-employed. The minimum goes from two to four months and the maximum, from 12 to 24 months, always depending on the months quoted. The Government also plans to facilitate access to this benefit, something that has been difficult up to now due to the requirements.

Flat rate

The Government has finally decided to keep the flat rate, a key low monthly fee for the self-employed who start with a new project, although in 2019will go from the current 50 euros to 60. This reduction of the Social Security fee is for self-employed workers with initial registration or who would not have been in a situation of high status in the two immediately preceding years. From 2019 will also include agricultural workers, who will pay 50 euros.

Penalties for false self-employed

In the royal decree that the Government plans to approve on Friday, the measure announced Wednesday by the Minister of Labor, Migration and Social Security, Magdalena Valerio, is also included.will sanction companieswith a minimum of 3,126 euros and a maximum of 10,000 euros of fine for each worker that is poorly framed in the Special Regime of Self-Employed Workers (RETA) must be in the General Scheme or by the transfer of workers from the General Scheme to the RETA.


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